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Hook Entertainment’s official press release on rumors about Seunggi’s departure from 1N2D [2011.02.11]

Warning, long post! Ok, before the full press release, how things got this crazy!  And yes, images (new Zipel CF) are totally unrelated; just wanted to post them, that’s all!

Military enlistment will seal Lee Seung Gi’s star status [Article]

Don’t freak out.  Seunggi’s not enlisting anytime soon.  But he is planning to go earlier than later.  He probably knows the shared public sentiment that military enlistment will definitely seal the deal on his beloved status in Korea for the long run…

News clips, Nov 2010 Zipel Fan Meeting [ENG]

*** UPDATED with 3 English-subbed video clips! ***

Seunggi talks about his future military enlistment, idol status, model image, dating, cooking, and his own real mom not wanting to burden her son…

Reason fans are enamored with Lee Seung Gi
His friendliness and sense of closeness cited as reason #1, and also his unpretentious nature and honesty.  Loved the comments from the younger fans.

(credit: rapport2010)

A few Seunggi  excerpts…

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BTS photos (Mong’s military service investigation), 7.2.10

(photo credits: DClsg)

BTS photos from this weekend’s 1n2d filming.  Supposedly the guys had stopped by a school dressed up in these animal outfits! I thought Seunggi is usually in the tiger outfit for 1n2d events but looks like he’s something else this time… omg, hope they didn’t make the guys do anything too crazy…


Fan accounts of bike riding with Seunggi in Tokyo

omg, as expected based on the earlier photos of just SeungGi on a bike, they definitely made him reenact the Hwan-Sung couple bike scene from Brilliant Legacy at his Tokyo fan meeting!  omg, Seunggi looks soooo embarrassed!  That smile and laugh on his face is priceless!!  ha ha ha.  But, I’m sure he had a great time making his fans happy.

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