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Tokyo June 13 fan meeting photos

Fan photos from the June 13 Tokyo Fan Meeting.  Still waiting for some fancam, but looks like they were really strict this time and no one was able to sneak some video recording. Seunggi looks like he’s about to go yachting, especially with that silk scarf! But like the look and he looks great…

omg, looks like they made Seunggi reenact Hwan from Brilliant Legacy and made him ride a bike on stage?!  omg, wonder if that MC chose a fan to ride on the back of the bike like that of BL’s EunSung?!  If Seunggi had to do this, don’t know how he kept a straight face… he must have been sooooo embarrassed! :)

And looks like he also sported a chic rocker look too complete with a leather jacket and black bracelets! Would love to see Seunggi do some American cover songs in this type of outfit… so used to seeing him suited up and doing ballads…

And based on this photo from DClsg, looks like some high-paying fans got to take a group photo with Seunggi!

(photo cr: tryp96 @soompi; baidu tieba)

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2 Responses

  1. whao ~~ SeungGi is so handsome in all the photos above~!!! Thanks Ann!!! ^^

  2. seunggi oppa… you’re so handsome :) saranghaeyo <3

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