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Arriving at airport for Japan fan meeting

(cr: DClsg)

A very intelligent looking Seunggi showed up in dressed down fashion at an airport in Japan today for his back-to-back fan meeting.  He definitely knows that girls LOVE smart looking guys!  There are times when I wish his people would portray him more like Lee Seung Gi, the actor-celeb… but, have to admit, it’s this totally sincere-non-attention-seeking-dressed-down-Seunggi that makes fans love him more! :)

[FANCAM clip got deleted on YT!]

Seriously, Japan and their ajumma fans!  They are hardcore!!  I guess it makes sense that Korean actors/actresses have a more ajumma fanbase in Japan because of the popularity of K-dramas, while Kpop idol singers have a younger fanbase.

Um, nothing against the current kpop idols but it seems the fame is pretty short-lived, that is, unless they transition into acting…  I love Seunggi the Singer too but I guess since I first came to know Seunggi the Actor, I’m a bit biased to see him really focus on acting! :)

Can’t wait to see the photos and fancams for Sunday’s fan meeting!

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  1. He looks so adorkable! Love him!

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