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Lee SeungGi Japan Fuji TV special, 5/2/10

This 30 minute special aired on Fuji TV in Japan back on May 2nd.  I’ve included translations for the SeungGi parts below the clips.  The rest is pretty pretty easy to follow even if you don’t know japanese since it’s basically about how wonderful and popular SeungGi is!

The special looks like a mix of all the short clips they were airing after each BL Japan broadcast, with some new footage too.  I really love seeing it all together in one clip because it really shows how much SeungGi is doing!  Like I totally take for granted singing-acting-variety-cf SeungGi, and to be at the top in a lot of these areas = pretty amazing!!!

Lee Seung Gi, Fuji TV Special Part 1 of 2
(Video: Tryp96;  English text: LSGfan)

[Interview with the people in Seoul, asking about what they think of LSG].
1) He’s very cool.  He’s the best. 2) He’s a hard worker and he sings really well and he’s got great skin.  And he’s a really good actor. 3) He feels comfortable but he’s also cute. He wears clothes really well. And he’s really funny.  I just can’t say enough. 4) There’s really isn’t anybody these days that doesn’t like Lee Seung Gi.

[@7:40] LSG: Singing is something I started with originally and so I have a lot affection for it.  And actually, I feel like it’s also the area that I’m most lacking.  As I was involved in my drama and variety, I didn’t have very much time at all to promote my album.  But going forward, I don’t plan to ever leave singing.

[@10:10] LSG: Since this was the first drama for which I was one of the lead actors, I did feel some degree of responsibility and some burden.  Since it was one of the first times in which a singer who also involved regularly in variety was to be a lead in a drama and so there was a lot of apprehension from people; I’m sure there’s still some of that now.  So, for me, I remember just feeling burdened like I had to do a really good job.  And personally, I really like things that are funny in which you get to laugh, but for this character I really tried to act much more colder and show that part.

[@12:15] LSG: Because I haven’t had a lot of dating experiences, and if I were to date again, I think I would be the type of guy to check on her a lot… that’s how I was in the past.  Being that I’m the type that tends to completely fall for a girl that I like, I wonder if that has been helpful for me for this role in the drama.

Lee Seung Gi, Fuji TV Special Part 2 of 2

[@6:15] LSG:  Style concept is just to be totally cool. [Waiting at elevator for HHJ] Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her.  Ah, she’s here.  [seeing that HHJ is just standing back there…] You can come here you know.
HHJ: Why are we being weird/awkward?  So I can go over there?!  [In the elevator]  They were airing the drama over there.
LSG: I saw it.
HHJ: Did you hear the voices?
LSG: Oh, the voices were so similar, I thought it was you.
HHJ: Really?
LSG: It really sounds like you. You hadn’t heard it?
HHJ: But the voice was so much cuter than mine [LSG-HHJ laugh]
LSG: [jokingly] yes, we have to be humble… [to which HHJ gives LSG a pouting look and then they both laugh.]
HHJ: [stares at LSG’s scarf making him all conscientious!] very cool scarf, where’d you get it?
LSG: I brought this from Korea.

[@8:40] LSG: When I started, I really wanted to have a learning attitude and so to have the tv ratings go up that high, as we were filming, we were also surprised and thought this was so novel too. But we were also very thankful. I think what was so impressive about the strength of the drama, as HyoJoo mentioned earlier, Hwanee wears a lot of scarfs like i’m wearing one today (chuckle!)… but like his style or the way he talks was very popular. Regarding HyoJoo, when I debuted in acting at age 20, I briefly worked with her on the sitcom Nonstop. And we’re also from the same university. So when we first met on the set of Brilliant Legacy, it wasn’t as awkward and we started out very comfortably.

[@9:50] LSG: HyoJoo kept telling me that I was too wordy saying “wrap it up, wrap it up.” [both LSG-HHJ laugh]
HHJ: It’s because you looked like you were expending a lot of energy… but you spoke really well.
LSG: Really, you think so?
HHJ: [Someone elses asks LSG if he was nervous…] In terms of speaking well, you’re #1 in Korea! He speaks very nicely, in a very cool way.

[@11:00] LSG: You know which song we’re singing, right?
HHJ: The one we did at the SBS Awards.
[They discuss when she should start singing, of course with detail oriented LSG giving HHJ step by step directions. LOL!]

Latest Brilliant Legacy news…

Hard to keep up since Brilliant Legacy is like airing all over Asia, particularly in Japan and China, and also sometimes doing re-runs.  I think it was originally slated to broadcast in like 80+ countries!  Plus, they’ve been re-airing LSG’s first drama Famous Princesses in Asia too (even though he’s not the lead actor).

One of the biggest upcoming broadcasts is probably the repeat broadcast on Fuji TV, but this time it looks like they plan to only air one episode per week from June 6 – December 12.  This means it will be on tv for like 6 months.  Even though ratings broke records for its time slot a few months back on Fuji TV, fans felt that because the episodes were aired everyday, it was over too soon and didn’t give viewers enough time to get into it fully.  So expect to see even more love with this broadcast.

Also, per pervious post, LSG is holding a back-to-back Tokyo Fan Mtg on June 13.  Seriously, when does SeungGi sleep in between all his performance events, variety shows, cf related stuff, and drama prep????!!!  That’s in 2 weeks!!

3 Responses

  1. thank you an for the translation & the vids .. I just missed my Hwansung couple watching this..

    • I know me too! you me both got to know LSG through BL so it has special place in our hearts! hee hee.

      Was missing HwanSung (not seunggi-hyojoo!) hahha. just watched their SBS song duet performance like 3 times on YT right now! i’m so glad they did the drama together and both are still so successful and are good friends! just noticed that you can see Cha Seung Won smiling when Seunggi is singing. Aw, who knew in Dec 2009 that Seunggi would be cameoing in CSW’s “BL” drama in 2011! More hwansung memories for you… :)

  2. How can Seung Gi be so talented and yet seem so down-to-earth? The more I see of him, the more I am impressed. Thank you for all of your posts and translations. If it wasn’t for translations by people like you, I wouldn’t have any idea how wonderful Seung Gi is.

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