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Brilliant Legacy: Japan Photo Exhibit

To commemorate the Japan premiere of Brilliant Legacy on Fuji TV (started airing on March 2, 2010), a photo exhibit was put together.

I love how the photos of Seunggi also include ones from his Hope Concert in Seoul (and 1n2d pix).  His song Love Taught me to Drink was #9 again on Music Bank today…  he still somehow is able to stay around even w/out any song promotion. :)

The cast.

LSG and his hyungs from 1n2d

LSG’s Hope Concert in Seoul, Dec 2009

Mounted monitors w/ video clips playing

LSG, the 70% ratings guy…

LSG’s Japan fan meeting, Feb 2010

And who can forget this moment from Brilliant Legacy…

(Photo Credit: DClsg fan post)

What I love about LSG and am hopeful about his ventures outside of korea —

Compared to other actors and singers with fans in other Asian countries…  LSG both sings and acts well.  Often the Kdrama actors have fan meetings outside of korea and singing is kind of a side thing they show for fun, but LSG is a real professional singer!  And often w/ Korean singers that have concerts outside of korea, they are usually part of large girl groups or boy bands (and typically are not also actors)…  of course, that is, except for the exceptional world star Rain.

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  1. lee sung ge you is handsome.I loVE YOU TOO SOMUCH.

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