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[ENG] Fancams from Activia fan signing [June 2010]

Even based on the earlier fan photos from the Activia fan signing, this looked way nicer than the recent stand-in-a line-get-autograph-and leave Pyong Chang Su, Sunkist, and Kolon Sport fan signings.  Activia organized the event almost like a mini-fan meeting, similar to the much bigger Zipel Assak propose from back in Feb.  Fancams (ENG-subbed for SeungGi ments).

A very long-eyelashed SeungGi happily signing for fans… Awww!

(cr: leeseunggiworld; 승블리)

SeungGi introduces himself and gets fan signing started…

SeungGi gives away bouquet to a fan and says goodbye…

(videos: Rappport2010; Naver blog)

Thx rapport for embedding the English subs in the videos!

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you Ann.

    Here the link for SeungGi’s Activia video[fans]
    Part 1

    Part 2

    Enjoy :)

    • Thx a bunch rapport!!!! :) so funny, the part about 1n2d and soo geun and the male fan leaving for the army!

      Thought you didn’t understand korean… but you’re really good at putting my loose translation where it needs to go!

      • Yeah! I love that part too, he was so sure+confident when he answer the question…:)

        Oh! no I don’t understand korean at all
        I still don’t ,seriously..

        I put it where it needs to go, REALLY?
        Well I was guessing hahaha
        Lucky me…:)

  2. it’s always a delight to visit your blog…so much to read and watch…

    you and rapport make a great partnership! thanks for your hardwork…the clips with the translations are something we non-korean fans will forever be grateful for…

    in the first clip…how can someone be that cute and adorable???

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