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Brilliant Legacy Japan Fan Meeting, BTS video

*** Videos have been deleted on YT!  Anyone know where to find these? ***

Brilliant Legacy fans didn’t get their HwanSung reunion on stage at the Baeksang Awards, but did get to see them hanging out together in the front row.

Japan BL ends soon; not sure if we’ll see them again doing promotions.   Here are more Behind-the-Scenes from the Japan Fan Meet last month.  Some of this aired on the shorter BTS clips after each of the Japan episodes, but it was my first time seeing the BTS of LSG-HHJ song duet (see Parts 1 and 2).
Like old friends hanging out…

(cr: kr4ever)

> Click here to see more video >>” /> (cr: kr4ever)

One Response

  1. Thank you for posting these vids!!! Aw, I really miss SeungJoo! They are so much comfortable around each other now. When is HyoJoo guesting on Strong Heart? I want them to be teased mercilessly by Kang HoDong! :)

    I’m curious about what they were talking about in the elevator. Can anyone please translate 3:39 – 4:00 of the first part.

    And also 3:02 – 3:14 of the second part, when SeungGi said kore(?) and looks at HyoJoo. He seemed to have a worried look in the beginning and HyoJoo was covering her face like “oops, I’m busted.” Did she do something mischievous? Haha!


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