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Activia fan signing fan photos [June 2010]

Seunggi was looking good at his Activia fan signing on June 11.  Based on fan acounts, the fan event was better than recent fan signings because it only chose like 70+ fans, they played a video photo collage of a bunch of seunggi’s activia photos set to Smile Boy, there was a small reception with food prior to the signing, and fan seating during the whole thing so fans could stick around the entire time and just gawk! ha ha ha ha.  Daebak fan photos…

Seunggi should just MC his own fan signings instead of having some gag MC…
a lot of fan accounts said the dude was loud and sort of annoying…

Taking time with the fans…

Including an ajusshi fan…

Supposedly the MC at the fan signing found out the fan would be heading to the army soon and called him out during the opening ment… the fan got an army greeting from SeungGi hyung!

Looking cool, laid back and relaxed with the fans…

Eyelash closeups… seem to be fan faves!

Event finale.  Don’t hate…

MC asked Seunggi to give bouquet to one single fan…

After asking the fans who he should give it to, the Japanese fan was the ultimate winner since she had traveled the furthest…

Images: DClsg; naver blog

ok, had to throw this in…  at first I thought this all decked out in green dress fashionista was one of those company rep model/cheerleaders always at the fan signing but she’s actually a fan that coordinated a green dress for the event!

Check out more of her great atmosphere photos at her blog:  blog.naver.com/inconetbank

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2 Responses

  1. thanks for the photos.. he really looks so good on it :)

  2. he looks so handsome even with those simple dressing and his eyelashes… *melt* thanks for the photos ^^

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