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Actor Lee Seung Gi talks Lee Jaeha, Olympics, and military

Lee Seung Gi ‘Military service time, I’ve taken care of in my heart’

English: LSGfan via Chosun

[June 11, 2012. Reporter Kim Pyo Hyang]. He is a selfish guy. Born well, he was born really well. Heartwarming looks, music skill, acting ability, variety wit, and an intelligent brain on top of all that. But his personality is completely humane in itself. Therefore, you can’t be jealous of him. At this time, the face that comes to mind, is exactly Lee Seung Gi. Through the weighty North Korea storyline MBC drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ and acting the role of King Lee Jaeha with a seriousness hidden within a typically light heart, assessments of ‘he’s become a one-top actor’ are pouring in. He has proved yet again why people say ‘Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seung Gi.’

▶ Ratings King? You can’t be greedy

Lee Seung Gi indicated, “Through ‘The King 2 Hearts,’ two of my wishes came true. After watching ‘Beethoven Virus,’ I admired Director Lee Jaekyu’s unique sensibility and extraordinary characters. Upon hearing that he was also a good acting coach, I wanted to make sure I got to participate in one of his projects. And also with Ha Jiwon sunbae, I liked her to the point that I even mentioned wanting to work with her when I first met her at the last Savings Day event. And I got to work with both persons at the same time. It was totally like winning the lottery. So to wish for even ratings on top of that, that would almost be like cheating.”

It’s not that he did not worry at all about the tv ratings, but it wasn’t all out stressful, to the degree he wondered whether he was not taking on enough of a sense of a responsibility about it. But it was precisely because of the acting method and know-hows learned, friendships formed among the sunbaes and hoobaes, and so many additional things he gained.

Recently, he even had lunch with Lee Soon Jae’s family. Lee Soon Jae’s granddaughter is a fan. Lee Seung Gi’s face glows when talking about how the intense scenes with Yoon Jae Moon also brought about a nervous excitement. Another point in which Lee Seung Gi has matured as a real actor.

▶ From lovely young adult to trustworthy man

At first, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ Lee Jaeha character seemed audacious and immature. His manipulating ways were impudent, to the point you wanted to hit him. Upon seeing the script early on, Lee Seung Gi said he was concerned that it may be similar to his immature character from ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.’ To this end, at that time, Writer Hong Jinah’s reply was ‘Don’t worry, just act according to your style.’

Lee Seung Gi said, “That’s why I really did it the way I wanted. I really showed manipulation at its limit. (laughs) As the story continued to unfold, my own mannerisms would come out and change. Lee Jaeha moves according to detailed calculation and cold judgment. He is a particular character we won’t see again.”

He also showed a romantic and trustworthy side by putting his life on the line in order to protect Kim Hangah (Ha Jiwon). Many women staggered over saying ‘Our Seunggi has become a man.’

Lee Seung Gi said, “Since he is a king who has to guard his country, perhaps there was a sense of security that he could protect one woman no matter what. And since Jaeha always has Hangah on his mind, though small, the melo aspect was at the core for me. That’s why I added in a lot of ad-libs, like the ending scene’s ‘I love you’ line, and others like the scene in which I present Hangah with a heart-shaped donut with both my hands. However, of all things, PPL criticism over that scene erupted. I feel really sorry that people were pointlessly totally criticized for that.”

▶ Even though I’ve decided on my military enlistment, I have no worries

Upon completing his drama, Lee Seung Gi held a concert at the Budokan in Japan on June 1. It is quite unprecedented for a a Korean soloist singer to hold a concert at the Budokan. He himself thought it was a pretty strong feat to have held a successful concert, even despite not having been able to prepare as much beforehand.

However, he’ll be facing another challenge, and this time, with no rehearsals. He will be one of the torch runners at the London Olympics and will have even more eyes watching than the many who were at the Budokan concert. But he has confidence in running, thanks to his regular soccer game outings with Lee Sugeun. However, he expressed “concern over showing hudang-ness.”

Lee Seung Gi said, “I get dizzy just at imagining the possibility of dropping the torch or my shoe falling off. I have to run 500m, but I’m thinking of it more like 50km so I can’t fall apart. Within that context, I feel like 500m is suitable. I’d be exhausted if it was more than that. (laughs)”

While Lee Seung Gi is always strong and up for any kind of battle, would he be like that about military enlistment? Is he worried about that 2 year gap?

He replied, “I don’t think it will feel unfamiliar due to ‘1 Night 2 Days’ and because I’ve taken part in similar military-like experiences. I often hear that the military uniform suits me well. It’s not like you don’t return once you enter, but I feel it’s a place in which you can come out and return more manly and attractive. Hmm… while it’s difficult to say concretely, in my heart, I’ve already decided on my military enlistment.”


Chosun always has the best press photos!!  Seunggi needs to hire away the Chosun photographer as his own personal photographer!

And this is one of my FAVE outfits so far!  So simple and casual.  Great matching of the stylish dark blue Kolon Sport shirt and army green khakis.  Even the super-preppy shoes work.  Why is this so freaking complicated?  I just don’t get it?!

As for Hairstylist’s ridiculous ajusshi perm obsession and mound-high hair… *Sigh*

Omg, I’m already scared and nervous about Seunggi appearing before the entire world during the Olympics torch relay… not because of the running, he’s great at that!  But fear of what Hook and Hairstylist will assemble together… I already feel sick to my stomach.  Please… someone get a hold of the two crazy ladies beforehand!!!

Love that Seunggi got to work with the very respected Director Lee Jaekyu and Ha Jiwon at the same time.  Love that it was his idea to add the ‘I love you’ in the final scene of TK2H!  Spazz Spazz!!!  Totally love that he had lunch with Teacher Soonjae’s family!   Aw. Most of all, love that he really gained so much as an actor through TK2H, paving the way for his acting career!!

But huhuhu~~~~~ Seunggi’s 2-year military enlistment is for real coming up…

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11 Responses

  1. Nah..eottoke..eottoke…
    What should we do when he is enlisted?? Huhuhuhu

    And, agree with you, chosun photo is the best!-minus the ajumma perm-*why do they always give him perm?*ranting*

  2. Can someone in Korea Airen say something to Hook!!!!!

    • I think if you tweet in basic English…it’ll be ok (my guess – they ‘may’ have someone on their staff who’ll know basic English). At least they’ll know LSG has a decent number of international fans.

  3. “Why is this so freaking complicated? I just don’t get it?!
    As for Hairstylist’s ridiculous ajusshi perm obsession and mound-high hair… *Sigh*”
    Waahahahaaaaa ! Employ me , I promise to do well by all of you!
    Seunggi needs so very little to make him look good so they must have taken alotta trouble to always mess & fuss him up ! You’re so cute & funny , Ann!

    • Yes, totally agree with you. The last time I saw on TV, his hair-stylist looks like an ajumma, no wonder this century-age hairstyle. Can someone write to his agent to change his hair stylist. The other celebrity looks good with just short and straight hair, not permed ones and tight curls – gosh!!

    • Hi Jade,
      Would love to be co-stylist with you. I’m sure between us we can DEFINITELY come with better styles.

  4. Very proud to know that he is involved with Olympic. Good luck to you Seunggi!!
    However… True, true, true. He needs to change that ajushi hair style. I like him with his short hair TK2H style. He looked really great with that hair.

  5. They should just hire the TK2H stylist! :)

  6. Yes, agreed, it does look ‘oldies’. Lee Seung Gi need just the the natural army ‘cut’ he is good enough as it is….

  7. Ann, thank you as always for the translation..and yes i agree with you guys everything is fine except with his hair, they should stop perming his hair..please hairstylish hear us!!!

  8. Yaaahh, i agree..d hair make him look like he just got up from sleep…curl n high..btw, r u really not in love with hjw? Coz from ur intrview u seem amazed by her, u also said older woman is ok, saranghae adlib, n she’s ur ideal type…i just cant help 2 ship this otp…kekeke:-P

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