Thanks to Seunggi for doing all those exhausting interviews!

Seunggi~~ All those interviews must’ve been exhausting! Get some much deserved rest and pampering… body massages and facials are the best and my fave things!

I seriously really don’t get what Hook Entertainment is thinking… Sigh…

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  1. hahaha don’t get mad Ann… Love ya….

    • It’s beyond mad now. It was sorta just annoying and sorta amusing at first, but now, it’s just plain ridiculous. someone give me the name and number the direct line of Captain Hook! Seriously… aigoo…

      • While they ARE retarded for reals I feel at least they’ve guided LSG’s career beautifully.

  2. I think they believe that since Seung-gi isn’t ‘actively working’ whilst participating in TEN INTERVIEWS it’s o.k. :O At least he has some down time on his hands but from the first interview you translated I can tell that LSG himself is a workaholic.

    If you wouldn’t mind, could you provide me with Hook Ent’s twitter id? Why don’t they allow LSG to have at least a me2day account? A lot of K-celebs are on there. It sucks for international fans that we cannot interact with him unless we send letters.

  3. @LSGfan @anon @anonymous:
    Right, at first it sorta amusing, but at later photos you can see that HE’s TIRED, Man,…*speechless*

    Hook twitter account is @hookent3 go rant there!! I’ve ranted enough..

    • Honestly, it’s got me depressed. How does Hook go from kingly, regal looking Actor Lee Seung Gi playing Lee Jae Ha, looking so perfect and mature just a few weeks ago in the final ep of TK2H to what we got yesterday…

      that’s Hook’s job to make sure LSG is well-rested, had time to wind-down, get facials, sport a good hairstyle, be dressed to wow and come off like the actor and star and celeb he is! hello, this is the ent world! Hook is so out of touch with the reality it’s unbelieveable. i’m still in shell-shock over the disappointing press photos that were done for the slew of interviews he did, which he rarely ever does interviews… like you said… SPEECHLESS…. Hook, pictures and photos matter! and make a difference..

      If Hook doesn’t get their sh*t together, and stop trying to sabotage things, I’m seriously going to consider shutting down LSGfan blog in protest and boycott of crazy captain hook. It’s not even amusing anymore… huhuhuhu, Seunggi deserves so much better from crazy lady captain hook!

      • Please don’t shut down your blog, your posts always cheer me up after a bad day, and yo are such a lifesaver for korean illiterate fans!!

      • Yeah please don’t do that. Reading your blog is really making me happy. I am a new fan of lee seung gi, so your blog is really informative and I know more about seunggi from your blog. Love reading your personal thoughts too :)

  4. I like his style very much.His style and his personality are compatibile.This style speaks volumes about him–he is not a shallow person,he is a deep thinker, he observes and contemplates and makes his ideas about this world,but not all the time.Sometimes he is just a pure young man.I think he himself doesn’t understand why his fans talk so much about his clothes,he is above those.But a man can change.I wonder how Lee Seung Gi would be in the future–more ‘classical’ and ‘philoshophical’ than that,or more extravagant

  5. Dear Ann, Pleaassse dont shut down your blog.. :( really Im begging, I love your blog too much! so please dont..
    I know that ur mad about how Crazy Capt. Hook manage SeungGi, his crazy stylist and cody but please dont get to the point of loosing it out because of that poor people.. I hope soon they will try to listen to all of our rants, maybe we just need to just LOVE SeungGi as the way he is(despite the weird clothes and hairstyle)and though it annoys us, we just have to be more patient on those people.. so please Ann, hold on.. chill.. please dont shut it down.. :)

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