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Lee Seung Gi on drama ratings-paradigm shift, MCs Hodong-Jaesuk’s humility, and plans for his worrying mom

Lee Seung Gi, only at 25 years old and already ascending…

English: LSGfan via Newsis/Naver

[June 10, 2012. Reporter Lee Ye Seul] With the North Korean storyline, MBC ‘The King 2 Hearts’ was a very heavy and weighty drama.  At times, lead actor Lee Seung Gi (25) had to demonstrate being cold-hearted, while tough and strong at other times.

If the acting did not have a strong underpinning, things could have been shaky.  As the drama also involved politics and policy storylines, it can be easily viewed as having been an obstacle for many viewers.  So why did Lee Seung Gi chose a difficult path versus a more secure and safe one?

‘I myself know best whether things are just a one-time popularity thing with me or not.  I think it would have been dangerous if I did another sweet romance.  There are actors that have high tv ratings results because they are very skilled and then there are cases where even though the tv ratings are high, the actors seem uneasy.  I feel that having acted in ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is very poignant timing in my career as an actor.’

MBC drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ was directed by PD Lee Jae Kyu (42) who previously worked on ‘Damo’ and ‘Beethoven Virus’ and involved Writer Hong Jin Ah, also of ‘Beethoven Virus.’  In addition to successful in all that he does Lee Seung Gi, never unwilling to sacrifice her body Ha Ji Won (34), providing strength just through their presence Lee Soon Jae (77) and Yoon Yeo Jung (65), rediscovered through this drama Jo Jung Suk (32) and Lee Yoon Ji (28), and perfect in the villain role Yoon Jae Moon (42), there was no one lacking.   

Despite that, the tv ratings did not pan out.  While ‘The King 2 Hearts’ posted 16% ratings in its first set of episodes, above of SBS ‘Rooftop Prince’ and KBS ‘Equator Man,’ over time, the ratings, compared to the other two dramas, were not one of the enjoyable aspects.  While this kind of situation could be frustrating for the lead actor who ambitiously went forward, Lee Seung Gi was composed and serene about it.

‘I feel there’s been a paradigm shift recently among dramas.  In the past, if there were more dramas dealing with subject matters that were easy to digest catering to viewers, these days, there are more dramas broaching particular subjects regardless of tv ratings and showcasing new things at play and acting.  In that way, I think ‘The King 2 Hearts’ played a role in pioneering that.  You could say it helped to lay a foundation for a new type of political drama paradigm?’

In his 9th year since his debut, as an actor and entertainer, it feels like he knows these things like the back of his hand.

‘After debuting, I’ve been back and forth in various fields more than others.  Now, I feel that I have a little bit of a better understanding of the occupation of an entertainer.  You ask what I would have pursued if I were not to have become an entertainer?  I don’t think I would have found employment yet.  Hahaha.’

Having debuted as a singer, Lee Seung Gi has distinguished himself in all 3 areas of drama, MC, and real outdoor variety.  Some advise and suggest that it is perhaps time for him to choose and focus on one area.  However, Lee Seung Gi is unable to hide his affection for variety.

‘I think I’d get star-sickness if I were only to be an actor.  The treatment a lead actor receives is definitely something different.  Singing and acting both involve systems in which it’s easy to fall into narcissism.  However with variety, Lee Seung Gi is not a special person but becomes ‘one among the others.’  It’s humbling.  Even though (Kang) Hodong hyung-nim and (Yoo) Jaesuk hyung are established number ones, I feel they haven’t become arrogant because they accumulated humility over time while doing broadcasts.’

There’s one thing you can’t leave out when you mention ‘Lee Seung Gi’ and that’s the ‘uhm-chin-ah’ image.  Among mothers, Lee Seung Gi is the type of son they all want.  You often hear people saying ‘Lee Seung Gi’s mom must be so happy’ and ‘I wish Lee Seung Gi was my son.’  So what does Lee Seung Gi’s mom think of her son?

‘My mother? She’d probably say ‘Why don’t you try raising him?’  I too am a son that frustrated my mom and and complained a lot.  And I’m a son that always makes my mom worry.  My mom still hasn’t even traveled abroad for vacation because she’s worrying about me.  Even when I’m out, she says I should stay at home.  Next time I have to travel abroad, I will definitely have to take her with me.’

Even though he himself says he’s not, Lee Seung Gi is truly a filial, devoted son.

OMG, how can anyone NOT love Lee Seung Gi even more??!!!

Love that he sees life in the long-run versus immediate now!  And so true… ‘The King 2 Hearts’ will definitely be an important marker in his acting career.

What’s so sorta amusing about the whole ratings talk is that TK2H’s ratings weren’t that much lower than the other Wed-Thurs dramas!  And outperformed other buzzed about dramas on Mon-Wed!  But that’s how things always are with expectations and ratings with Lee Seunggi, and I love that he’s collected and chill about it all.

Love the mad respect for MCs Hodong and Jaesuk!  Hope Hodong comes back soon and hope Seunggi and Jaesuk get to do variety together again, someday!

I love what he said about how it’s so easy to fall into narcissism and the importance of humility!  And I’m so glad I will never have to worry about him checking into celeb rehab in the future!

And lastly… big awwwwwwww~~~~ about his mom!  Omg, she’s awesome.  WE both love our moms!  Love it~!!  I love that Seunggi is SO grounded and has an awesome loving family!  Wahhhh~~~~!!!  So maybe, we’ll see fan photos of him and his mom together at the airport during his next travels…. Awww!

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15 Responses

  1. I’m totally awed with how he concern about narcissistic, and how he think for Ho Dong and Jaesuk’s humble attitude, true! I think people who takes part regularly in var.show more more humble than them who aren’t. And though Ho Dong seem rude, he always polite and humble toward others! I love the fact that Seung Gi is under Ho Dong’s wings for years which mean he count it as one point of humbleness

    Super love his concern toward her mother, eomonim, thank you very much for raises him. As a grand mother in side country said(in 1n2d episode): someone raises their kid right!

  2. thanks for the translations.So happy with the floods of articles and pics today. Seung Gi really awes me..such an eloquent talker. It must be a joy for the reporter to talk to him.

  3. hays….why do you have to exist ….loving everything he said….
    your making my standard with guys too high…..lol….

  4. Must say a big THANK YOU for the translations of the articles, LSGfan! I saw the interview photos and headlines and am just dying to know more details of what Seunggi said. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. thank u so much for the translations, u are an angel LSGfan among us airens. :) above all, i love lee seung gi’s personality the most!

  6. Dear Ann, I am taking a voting break (my aching shoulders!) and just love reading this interview. I think it’s the best of the bunch so far. Agreed with everyone about the humility part, and that TK2H is really an extraordinary drama, not just in SG’s career, but in K-drama history. Seung Gi fighting! Now back to voting.

  7. Is Lee Seung Gi really 25?
    He sound so mature,not like other who same age as him.

  8. Hi, thanks for all the news and information on lsg! I only got to know him from K2H recently and thanks to your blog, I could follow his news to many years back! Thanks for the great job, fighting!

  9. so nice to read the article :) thank u so much! seunggi mom is ssooo cool. yeah rite, omma n seunggi at airport, rocks!!

  10. how could someone not love this guy Named Lee Seunggi? yay!! Love the answers regarding how was his mom think about him and regrading raising him.. He’s such an adorable son..that I’ll be willing to be his mother in the 2nd life..hahaha..

    • Ann, we cannot thank you enough for your hardwork thank you so much for translating articles for us.he’s soo grounded even until now..Im very proud to be his fan. We can’t help but love you Seunggi..

  11. I’m glad he is so selfconfident.This atitude shows that he really belives that he is right. I also feel the same: LSG’s kind of thinking is right. Maybe it was painful to see the ratings geting down but the confidence in his judjment helped him to do his work.

  12. I’m proud of our dear LSG.

  13. Really love Lee Seung Gi for his humble and sincere attitude. His parents really raised him well as he is the most matured and wise among fellow 25 year old idols!

  14. Thank you so much for the translation. Love Lee Seung Gi more. How I wish my sons is more like him….

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