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[BTS video] The King 2 Hearts final filming, NGs, goodbyes: Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won

(video: rize0418)

On location at the filming for the final Episode 20.  Inchon May 20, 2012.
English: LSGfan

ACTION!  Jaeha: Who will be representing N. Korea?
(Guy flubs his lines.  Seunggi reminds him what his lines are! Hehe.)
Guy: I’m sorry~~

ACTION!  (Guy messes up again.  Seunggi and Dongha LOL! Guy checks his script lines and points that Dongha’s expression got him off.)

Take 3. ACTION!  (Omg, Guy flubs again! Seunggi – Dongha LOLing!!)

NEXT TAKE!  (Even before slate falls, Dongha starts laughing, making Seunggi and the rest of the entourage guys end up laughing too!)
LSG: Ok, we can’t be like this. We should be able to do this quickly.

NEXT TAKE!  (Dongha busts out laughing even before Guy speaks!. Seunggi LOLs! Everyone has uncontrollable laughter and giggles!)

ACTION!  (Omg, Guy forget his like 2 lines… AGAIN~~!!!]

TAKE 8!  (Wow, Guy gets his lines correct!!!!  But when Seunggi turns to say his lines, Dongha busts out laughing! Seunggi can’t help but to laugh.)
LSG: I’m supposed to look at him, right?
(Dongha has major case of uncontrollable giggles now. hehehe)
LSG: If you can’t make it, I’ll just go right in! (LOL, Dongha says he’ll be ok!)

NEXT TAKE!  LSG: Ah, I’m going to go crazy! (He yells out to gather himself!)

CUT!  (Omg, scene finally gets done! Aw Dongha and Seunggi are so cute!)

Lee Seung Gi (Lee Jaeha) – interview cut

[Q: How do you feel about the final filming?]  To film together with such great staff and great senior actors (sunbaenims and teachers), I learned so much and laughed a lot and had fun while filming. But now that we’re at the final episode, I feel quite sad.

[Message to viewers]  Thank you again to the many viewers and fans who supported and loved The King 2 Hearts. Actually, the Lee Jae Ha character isn’t a character that can just be easily loved, so thank you for seeing him as a charming character and loving the Lee Jae Ha character, since I believe I was able to get to this point because of that. Although The King 2 Hearts is ending, Lee Seung Gi will meet you in more projects and good characters, so everyone please continue to root for me and please support The King 2 Hearts all the way through to the end. The King 2 Hearts~ Fighting!

Kwon Hyun Sang (Dongha) – interview cut

[Q: How do you feel about the final filming?]  As each of the actors wrap up and we bid our final goodbyes, my heart feels a bit heavy.  A lot of sadness. I met so many great people, and I even thought wouldn’t it be great if we could extend this a little further. As there was a start, now this is the end.

Chae Kwon (Youngbae) – interview cut

[Q: How do you feel about the final filming?]  With ‘The King’… the many actors, staff, directors, everyone was like a family and really supported one another and worked hard. Honestly, I feel really at a loss for words, sad.

Ha Ji Won (Kim Hangah) – interview cut
[Q: How do you feel about the final filming?]  When we started, things seemed far-off. But now that the end is near, I feel sad. More than that, our staff and actors had such a great time filming together… I think I will remember that the most. Because we had so much fun on location filming, many people loved the drama and I think it will be a drama that people will remember.

[Message to viewers]  Thank you for loving The King 2 Hearts. As this was a little different from other types of dramas, many of you showed loved for this. Thank you for watching. And I’ll meet you in another great project. Thank you for showing a lot of love.

[Sincere thanks to everyone for loving this drama~ The King 2 Hearts.]

I’m going to truly miss them… Can’t get enough of this most amazing fanmade MV!!!

The King 2 Hearts final scene – Lee Jaeha and Kim Hangah

(video: leeseunggiworld)

Images: MBC

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4 Responses

  1. LOL at the outtakes! Just googled Kwon Hyun Sang and he was born in 1981! Not only that Kwon looks young for his age, Seung Gi looks totally the hyung-nim in the filming.

    The fact that the drama has ended still has not sunk in. Don’t know when I will be back to normal.

  2. Same goes to me, can’t believe TK2H already end.. =(
    Now..let’s find something to fulfill our weekly dosage of him…
    Hopefully Japan concert is success and many fancam spread =)

  3. Thank you for the translations. I’m still having withdrawal and still in denial…*sigh*

  4. The guys are soooo CUTE! I too am having withdrawal and in denial that I won’t be seeing KIng Jae Ha from this week. Really LOVE TK2H and our uber charming & charismatic King….T_T

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