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[BTS video] The King 2 Hearts interview: Ha Ji Won talks teary-eyed chemistry with Lee Seung Gi

Some Seunggi-related excerpts from the interview.  Read English translation…

[2:40~3:15] Q: Acting chemistry with Lee Seunggi?!

HJW: I feel like its even better in this latter part…  Meaning, there were a lot of sweet, fun, back-and-forth bickering episodes in the earlier part, but now, the two have really become one and are going forward together.  So when we’re filming, tears automatically flow just by making eye contact, so I feel like our chemistry matches really well… it’s great.

English: LSGfan, Video: Tryp96

[3:15~3:50] Q: Most memorable scene so far?

HJW: We filmed a world-wide grand engagement ceremony scene.  And this is more of a personal-related fun happening…  I heard later from my fans that they had a strange feeling because I gave off such a realistic vibe. They said they imagined~ ‘If Unni were to really get married, I guess it would feel like that?’ So that was a fun personal happening between me and my fans.

[5:20-end] Closing: Jiwon’s message

HJW: Thank you for loving The King 2 Hearts up until now. From hereon, there will be even more moving and spectacular stories revealed.  So please continue to show a lot of love. Also, Jaeha and Hangah… though they are loving one another during a very difficult time right now, everyone please continue to give a lot of Fighting support so they can achieve a beautiful love.  Please show a lot of love for The King 2 Hearts.  Be healthy and I love you.

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One Response

  1. Thanks dramagods for bringing Seunggi and Ji Won together! I’m sure this has been a memorable time for them. I am really happy and squealing everytime I see them having fun on the filming set. They’ve grown so comfortable around each other, I hope they continue to be close even after the drama ends. Sad that there’s two weeks left… but then again, we can watch the drama again and again everytime we miss them! Until the end, fighting!

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