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Seunggi oozes classic-traditional in 2012 S/S Heritory teaser!

Ackkk~~!!!! Love it!!  Heritory is a PERFECT match for Seunggi!  I was a little nervous when he signed on as their endorsement since it ain’t easy to launch a totally new brand, and in the fashion world.  But Heritory is under a solid company that oversees several other established brands, and they’ve done a bang-up job so far!  LOVED the Heritory videos and photo diary posted recently on their website!  And this teaser gives us our very first peek on what to expect for the upcoming very first CF.  So exciting!

Teaser for upcoming Heritory CF

(video: uyen5590)

It looks like they’re going for a preppy, clean-cut, educated, university concept.  A grade above Tommy Hilfiger, more similar to Ralph Lauren, sorta like Brooks Brothers but for the younger set?  But they did say multiple collections were in the works, including: Casual, Sporty, Business Casual, Chic Dandy.  So they’ll probably target university students and working professionals.  Will we get to see Prince Lee Jae-ha dressed like this in KING?!  Please, let’s make it happen!!!

Heritory recently opened its first store on February 3, and plans to open 8 additional stores by the end of this month.  There were no press releases on the opening of the first store so I’m assuming they have some other bigger marketing promotional strategy planned, maybe in line with the CF to come…

Not sure who the girl model is.  She sorta looks familiar?

The girl model is actress Jung Yoo Mi (29 in Korean age).  She’s 3 years older than Seunggi, and debuted one year before him in 2003.  So her indirect connections to Seunggi?  Aside from acting with Hyojoo in Dong Yi, she will be playing a supporting role in the upcoming SBS drama Rooftop Prince which will air at the same time slot as MBC King.  Seunggi is the main exclusive model for Heritory, but it looks like Jung Yoo Mi will be featured for several of the advertisements too.

I like her eyes.  Very expressive, like Seunggi!  Like their chemistry in the teaser video!  She sorta reminds me of another actress, can’t think of exactly who…

(Images: Heritory)

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6 Responses

  1. The girl is Jung Yoo Mi, she played to be Han Hyo Joo’s Friend on Dong Yi

    • i mean she played as Han hyo joo’s friend on dong yi

    • Oh really? Thanks diahaksaeng. Didn’t watch Dong Yi. Figured she may be an actress. Hm, need to naver search her and see what she’s about! She looks to be a good match with Seunggi… for the CFs, of course :)

      • Coincidentally, she’ll be competing against King next month as she’s been cast in Rooftop Prince.

        I agree, they look great together and I love Heritory – it’s the perfect match for Seunggi – looks like Heritory was made for Seunggi ^^

      • Yeah I updated the post with info on Jung Yoo Mi. Bc you know, we have to make sure to do background check on every girl seunggi works with! hahahaha. I kid I kid. well, sorta! :) She’s cute. She has those big but laughing/smiling eyes Koreans love! But seriously, there isn’t a single person that Seunggi does not have good chemistry with! But I’m not sure if Heritory will buy ad slots for the other drama since Seunggi’s their main model.

  2. Jung Yoo Mi also starred in Jay Park music video “Girlfriend” and starred in 2011 SBS popular drama as a supporting role, “A Thousand Days’ Promise” and i think she won the new star award.

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