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SeungGi HERITORY: Travel story + Concert photodiary [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENGLISH-subbed video ***

(video: ThePluiekiss)

Aw, the LSG travel story reminds me of song, Wherever/Anywhere!  I’m anticipating HERITORY even more now, especially after some of the collection clothes Seunggi’s been wearing recently.  (I think Lee Sun Kyun wore a Heritory hoodie on 1N2D, based on red-white-blue striped insignia tag).  Heritory marketing = very good!  Such a good match to Seunggi.  (Hook, please just use one of these images for the homepage!)

Lee Seunggi’s HERITORY: Travel Story

Ah, the breeze is good. Sunlight is great too. My partner for today… is also to my liking. So, can we depart now? (Checks his hair and gives us the V!)

My small getaway begins together with the roaring engine. Wow, my heart skips a beat. This freedom… makes me feel as if the frustrations that were bogging me down, fly away in an instant. (Scenic roadside break~ niiice!)

It’s been a while since I’ve been on my own. Always together with me is you, who loves me, and the precious thoughts of the people I love… I miss them. Taking ahold of these feelings from this moment, I should return back to my place now. Where everyone is waiting for me… the place for me.

A freedom that is not only me, but a happy one because we’re together…
I depart now to that warm place.

English: LSGfan

(Images: Heritory, LSGfan)

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4 Responses

  1. Right, heritory seem perffect ffor seunggi Image and it give the classy elegant vibe which enhance seunggi’s. I love it the most, compared with all his past endorsed brand, this one suit him the most!

    But not the cutie santa with red apron ok? Can’t stand it!! ㅋㅋㅋ~

  2. I totally likes how Heritory packages Seunggi’s image. He is best suit to those elegant and gentlemen style attires and he looks like a prince come from royal family.
    The video was awesome too. I felt nice, comfort and freedom when I watching it.
    But anyone know what was the BGM in this video? Appreciate your help… :D

  3. Hi Ann, thank you for the translation, and am asking your permission to use it as subs ….. I hope you don’t mind. :)

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