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1N2D Korea’s Winter Dining Table, pt 2 – Seunggi MCs on 3meter waves while seasick, on his birthday! [2012.01.29]

This totally reminded me of that old 1N2D episode where Seunggi gets seasick but puts on a fun segment, after getting conned by the hyungs and left on that island by himself.  I’m sure this was NOT the type of 26th birthday he imagined!  Ha, he knew it was strange when they got such great treatment earlier in the day.  I felt SO sick with him trying to withstand seasickness, WHILE attempting to MC.  I’ve been terribly seasick, and it totally sucks!  I shed sad tears watching this epi.  No doubt, he again proves WHY he’s one of the most coveted MCs, despite being one of the youngest…

1N2D Korea’s Winter Dining Table, pt 2: Seunggi cuts

Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan

LSG: Is that a celebrity? (pointing to Sugeun sleeping!)
SUG: Did you eat well?
LSG: Yes. It’s the first time I worried about having broadcast footage…
PD: Really?  Getting a prepared meal, you seemed so surprised.
LSG: It was so strange. She’d prepare the food, I’d eat, explain, and then I was told to eat together. It totally didn’t fit our program!
PD: I’m sure there will be something big tonight.
LSG: That’s why I said~ There must be something big! What could that be?
(Huhuhu… worst ever seasickness to come…)

LSG: So embarrassing, but these little ones let it all hang out! (LOL)
KJM: Taewoong hyung brought this, so um, we should taste it.
(LSG cracks up at Jongmin’s noticeably awkward ment! Ha)
LSG: Taewoong hyung, we’ll enjoy this…
(More awesome foodgasm reaction from Seunggi! LOL!)
LSG: Whoever got to eat this should have to go catch squid!


[Reaction prince Lee Seunggi!]
LSG: Should I say it’s come together as one? The broth and the seaweed are like one, not separate things. It goes down altogether as one. (Ha, I’d love to see LSG join Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations!)

LSG: Just one question. Isn’t there a time to sleep in this program?
PD: You got to sleep a lot on the way here.
LSG: So all 4 of us have to go out on a boat. So what’s the choices?
PD: There’s one that’s only a 10 minute boatride. (Yay!) But you just have to spend 3 hours out there at sea catching fish. (Ha!)
LSG: Since it’s not even Na PD, and she’s female, I can’t even say anything. She says it like it’s nothing~ “All you have to do is catch fish for 8 hours!” And she laughs so brightly while saying it! Like she’s enjoying it so much!

LSG: Jongmin hyung, Taewoong hyung, Jiwon hyung are all out there somewhere. Hello, nice to meet you. Thank you for coming out here so early this morning. This octopus on your jacket is so cute. (LOL) It’s been a long time since I’ve put on this work suit. It’s been like 2 years. The wind feels great! (but boat starts to rock from the wind and waves… oh no.)

LSG: It’s 5am and we’re out here to catch octopus! Woah (boat is rocking lots!) Since it’s been 2 years, the sea is strong. Woah, the waves are really strong! Our PD~ are you okay? (Aw, so sweet always worrying about the production crew!) It’s her first time coming out to catch fish… You can’t come out wearing a pink hat like that! (LOL)

LSG: So how’s the weather today? C: It’s great weather recently.
LSG: Really?! C: The wind is strong. Waves are more than 3 meters high.
LSG: Higher than 3 meters, this is good weather?! C: This is great weather.
LSG: Do you come out here every single day?
C: If it gets beyond 4 meters, then we’re on high seas watch. (???!!!)
LSG: Then, isn’t even 3 meters cutting it close?
C: True, but the fisherman have to make money too.

LSG: It’s my birthday and I’m spending a very variety-filled birthday out at sea! Wow!  C: Congratulations on your birthday!
LSG: I’m happy to be celebrating my birthday together with our captain and this rocking boat out on the waves.  C: Yes, I’m sorry. (LOL)

LSG: Birthday, are you going to be like this?!
I can’t see land. They had said it would take 15 minutes.
PD and Writer, are you okay? Try to look far out away.
(Aw, Captain massages Seunggi’s numb stomach)
LSG: Okay. No matter what, with a sense of responsibility! We’ll do all that we can to stick this out. Woah, it’s the first time I had numbness in my stomach. (Oh man, I feel so bad for him and all the crew who’s seasick!)

[Seunggi and the Sea]
LSG: What is the type of work we’ll be doing today?
Our staff, don’t go over to that side, okay…
(oh no, LSG not looking well! Flashback to earlier birthday wishes! Then no choice but to throw up over the side of the boat! I’ve totally been there, during a terribly rocky whale watching trip! Dude, it is the worst feeling ever, added with not seeing land in sight! LSG sheds some painful tears. Aw!)

LSG: It’s ok! It’s ok! We caught something! Wow, can you see this? It’s sora! Woah, today is really… (gets on knees) Viewers, I’m not kneeling b/c I did something wrong, but the waves make me, and we have sora! (LOL)

LSG: PD, seriously, we have to be like this on my birthday?! (yay, catches big octopus!) Everyone, do you see this? (omg, talking to the octopus…) Hey, don’t grab at me! From the 3 meter waves, here’s our first octopus! Woot Woot! Captain, where should we put this? (Love the way LSG handles the octopus like it’s some cute doggy pet!) Fighting!

LSG: Is everyone okay? Are you okay? (EJW walks in from seasick trip)
LSG: Without saying anything, I know how you’re feeling, hyung.
(Aw, EJW is at a loss for words; he doesn’t look well. Without saying anything, he just points to signal to Seunggi, let’s go.)
LSG: Hyung, you went through a lot. (guys take an early morning nap.)

NaPD: Seunggi-ya, happy birthday. (LOL) Eat your birthday table meal.
(Jongmin and Seunggi talk about their crazy rocky boat trips)
LSG: Taewoong hyung, you’re here, did you have a good trip? (high-five)
KJM: Your boat ride was ok, right?  UTW: Our boat was big. They said person catching octopus would suffer the most.
LSG: What! Really?! (Points to PDs for assuming it was one of the easiest!) See! I told you!  We tried not to give up.  We’re thinking, this is supposed to be such an easy boat ride and if we were to give up so easily, it would be sad… So I’d throw up over the side of the boat and immediately go right back and be like, okay back to things…

LSG: This tastes really great. Earlier I was throwing up and now I’m like this is great and eating! Unbelievable. I eat very well, right?! (Aw, Seunggi.) 1N2D, thank you so much for giving me such an unforgettable birthday present. I sincerely thank you! (LOL). I realized there are so many beautiful places in our country… (Aw, hug-pat and smile from Jiwon!)

Seunggi’s been displaying his great leadership and MC skills on 1N2D, mainly due to the void left by Hodong.  But, it’s just shined so much recently, the small stuff people don’t notice, but the PDs pick up on!  It makes me even more appreciate Hodong, the great leadership, skill, responsibility he had in bringing out the best in people.

The way Seunggi looks after the staff, something MCs and main actors on take responsibility for on their programs.  And how he incorporates the other members into the segments by mentioning them or initiating interaction with them…

Kinda funny, Hodong and Seunggi are such different personalities and such a big age gap, and such poplar public images, but at the heart of things – respect, hard-work – you see how much Seunggi learned from Nation’s MC big hyung.  I’m sure Hodong’s super proud of what he sees!  Hope we get to see him back on tv soon… missing the great awesome MC combo of Hodong-Seunggi…

See entire 1N2D episode in HD at:  Tryp96.wordpress.com

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6 Responses

  1. 100% agree!
    These days for 1n2d, I feel that Seung Gi oppa is the one that is leading the show.
    In the past, he would just do the best of what he could and have fun, enjoying himself.
    But nowadays, since Hodong left, he took up the leader role in many areas…
    Seung Gi yah FIGHTING!!! :)

  2. I swear I was on that boat ride with SG. I felt so bad I had to stop and do something else before I could finish that segment. Later I was awarded with the greatest tongue in cheek ever when SG thanked Na PD for the best birthday gift. On the face of it he’s the responsible tough guy who only thinks about 1N2D and its viewers. But he’s also saying, just as clearly, I knew what you guys were up to; don’t think you had tricked me; I did it because I wanted too! Ah, Seung Gi! Jiwon gave him the loving caress I would have given him.

  3. I’m gonna miss Ding-Dang… :(
    Will Jiwon do another variety show?

  4. Aw, well said. I missed Hodong, too. And where can I get to see DingDong couple after 1N2D ends?

  5. This is why so many PDs nominated Lee Seung Gi for the Daesang. But it’s sad how so many so called 1n2d fans fail to (or just refuse to) appreciate his efforts. February 26, please come sooner!

    • Those people can be roughly grouped into the following…

      The buck-the-trender: They are so cool and better than thou, they automatically oppose the popular guy.
      The underdog sympathizer: No matter what, they root for the underdog. Why the guy became the underdog in the first place? Let’s not go there.
      The sour graper: It’s only human nature to be envious. These guys can pick bones from a perfect egg.
      The perpetual opposition: This group is a bit like the buck-the-trender, but only worse.
      Then there are your run of the mill crazies…

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