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[Heritory 2013 S/S GIFs] Seunggi in stylish spring casuals

More spamming Heritory 2013 S/S making video……
Time for stylish spring jacket season soon already!  woot woot.
Seunggi GIFs~~  Can’t get enough!

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[Sneak Peek] Seunggi for Heritory 2013 S/S Look Book ①

Heritory 2013 S/S photoshoot filming.  January 6th was the photo shoot for Heritory 2013 S/S Look Book.  It was a heartwarming filming together with Lee Seunggi and Jung Yoomi.  All of you are anticipating this, right?  We’re  slightly revealing one cut!

English: LSGfan via Heritory facebook

Totally anticipating!!  Hope they release soon.  Missing Seunggi lots~~~ huhuhu.

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Lee Seunggi is ‘Casual? No! Heritory’ [2012 F/W Heritory CF]

More versions and BTS making cuts, please!  The mysterious-playful vibe of the CF, matched with the tango-ish music and movie-like feel really work effectively in building up the reveal of their faces midway and at the end.   Emphasizing the fashion feel of the clothes, the voiceover (and brand name!)…  ‘Casual? No! Heritory.’  But isn’t Heritory supposed to be ‘traditional, casual, British’~~!!  Maybe there’s a part 2 CF?!  Hope so!  Feels like a story is unfolding…  love the way Seunggi’s captured, playing with his hat, record, book.  Later meeting Yoomi on the street, riding vespa, and running off together!  Ok, there’s definitely a story.  Heritory, please give us more!

There’s an official Heritory youtube channel now.  Give it lots of love!

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[2012 F/W Heritory] British flair Lee Seung Gi & Jung Yoo Mi

Spazzing so much over the Seunggi in F/W Heritory goodies, I forgot about the takes with Jung Yoomi and others!  (love that adorable dog!)  The Heritory ‘British traditional casual’ style is really well-executed, noticeable in the tailoring, cuts, textures, and accessories.  It stands out from the other popular mid-upper priced preppy brands, and gives off a stylish elegant vibe distinctive from renown luxury brand Burberry.  A new clothing brand isn’t easy, especially in this economy.  But Heritory has done a fantastic job so far.  Can’t wait to see the upcoming new CF!

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Lee Seung Gi rides… Vespa with Jung Yoomi vs. Harley with Moon Chaewon vs. Ducati as Daewoong

Miss the Hwan-Seungmi dynamic.  I hated her in Brilliant Legacy!  But came to really like Moon Chaewon.  Loved seeing them reunite on Strong Heart and at SBS Drama Awards.  Seunggi’s recent BTS photos from Heritory CF made me think of them.  Well, Jung Yoomi (28) has been pretty busy with the younger guys recently!!  Working with Seunggi (25) for Heritory CF, then with Yoochun (26) in drama Rooftop Prince, and Hyunjoong (26) for upcoming drama City Conquest.

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