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Seunggi to endorse new clothing brand HERITORY, joining other Sejung Group fashion CF stars

(Above LSG images are not Heritory brand; just my best concept guess?)

HERITORY launching event set for later today, 5pm.  Grand Hyatt, Seoul.  Seunggi, the face of the new brand, is expected to be there, as well as top stars endorsing other Sejung Group clothing brands:  Um Taewoong, Su Ae, Han Hyejin, Oh Jiho, Han Sangjin, Lee Sangyoon, Lee Sulah.  Was expecting a new clothing CF but woah, did not expect Seunggi to front a totally new brand!  That’s a lot of pressure!  But, the fashion concept really fits Seunggi (way better than previous streetwear FUBU!).  A HERITORY representative said, We chose Lee Seunggi as the model because his classy and sophisticated sensibility was a good match with the brand image.  The brand concept – A mix of British sensibility and American practicality.  Traditional.  Classic.  Casual.  Heritage + Story = HERITORY…

Four style lines are in the works:  Casual, Sporty, Business Casual, Chic Dandy.

The brand has ambitious plans to go forth aggressively and ultimately expand abroad.

So how ambitious?~ In its first launching 2012 season, Heritory aims to have 60 stores/kiosks in operation during the first part of the year, with a target goal of $12 million (USD) in sales.  And long-term, 200 stores in 2015 with $160 million in sales!

What is it with these new mid-priced brands in Korea and the crazy aggressive expansion plans!  Sounds very similar to The Saem situation.  Fortunately, unlike The Saem, Heritory is not a lone brand.  It’s owned by the established company, Sejung Group, which already has a bunch of fashion clothing brands in operation.  So, it should have some experienced and smart people running this venture.

New mid-priced cosmetics companies have been all the rage in Korea with the goal of expanding like crazy including abroad in other parts of Asia.  So, the fashion industry too has been launching new brands in order to simultaneously capture domestic (Korean) strongholds and target foreign markets as well.  According to fashion insiders, there’s a lot of anticipation for mid-level brands, as companies are looking to expand and invest in this area.

In addition to the Sejung Group launching its new brand “Heritory” on October 6th with Seunggi as its endorsement model, Siwon launched new female clothing brand ISABEY with Kim Tae Hee as its model in August.  In two months, they already had a bunch of stores up and running, and have plans to expand to China and other parts outside of Korea.  Which explains Heritory’s aggressive plans.

Although established for several years, Sejung fashion brands “Olivia Lauren” and “Indian” only recently became better known through marketing in Jang Nara’s recent drama.  While Sejung plans to hold its Heritory launching event today, it seems the actual clothing items will not be released for sale until early next year.  Did I read that correctly?  Hm, that’s still 3 months from now.  Seems like a long gap between the launching and the sales.  Maybe they’re aiming to build good buzz.

Sejung Group had a very good business year.  Its various brands made a good profit and it is anticipating Heritory to have good sales as soon as it launches.

Launching a new brand in general is not easy.  CFs for already established brands is way more easier.  Hook definitely likes making Seunggi always take the more challenging route all the time!  Hoping for “the Seunggi effect” to come through again!

Note to Cody and Hairstylist~ I’m seriously warning you!!!!  Expect hate mail from me if you don’t outfit and style Seunggi properly!!!  Please please please remember what a big deal this launching event is!  And that it IS a fashion event!!!!

Can’t wait to see the event photos later today of classy and sophisticated Seunggi!

Heritory is one of a several clothing brands, some more established than others, owned by Sejung Group.  Some of the brands and CF model stars.  Looks like actors are preferred.  Curious to see Seunggi and Taewoong outside of 1N2D at the event.

Um Taewoong, Kang Jihwan, Han Hyejin for INDIANwww.indian.co.kr

Su Ae for Olivia Lauren – www.olivialauren.co.kr

JYJ for NII – www.nii.co.kr

Won Bin for Chris Christy – www.chris-christy.com

Oh Jiho for Tremelo – www.tremolo.co.kr

(via Financial News, Inews24;  Images: Naver, Sejung Group, Previously credited)

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19 Responses

  1. HERITORY has not mistaken in choosing Lee Seung Gi as there newest endorse…Seung Gi is guy kind of guy who is very charming and smiles like no other which gives him a lot of advantage to every guys…Seung Gi is very charismatic, that he attracts anyone for all ages…especially to woman,even now that he’ll wore more fasionable clothes which is one the likes of most woman like me…

    Fighting Oppa!!!!!
    always give your best..and God will do the rest!!!
    we’ll always support you(:

  2. Thanks Ann. I know I can rely on you to give us the backstage scoop on this new brand and its company. I like the concept a lot. SG just personifies brainy, privileged (in the best sense of the word) young adult the brand seems to aspire to. Just hope the clothes are not too stuffy or pretentious. A bit of wacky bohemian flair will not go amiss, in my humble opinion.

    Last year (I think) when I was in Hong Kong shopping, a nice shirt caught my eyes and I tried to bargain with the salesgirl. She said indignantly, “It’s made in Korea!” So, I think the Korea brand is definitely out there already.

  3. hi anne the event pics are out already, im sure you have seen them by now and i want to know what you think about it. im a little disappointed by how he was attired plus he looked really tired and it’s easy to see why. I liked his suit better during the Pizza hut event. sigh!!!!

    • Um… I sometimes really despise Hook and lame cody/stylist! Really, they leave me speechless, and not in a good way. Sure, they’ve done a lot of good things, but too many times at big events like this, I can’t help but to think Seunggi deserves SO much better. It makes me totally fear the Asia Song Festival big stage coming up… *Sigh*

  4. This is a pet peeve of mine that I really want to vent. To people who like (enjoy?) to point out that SG looked tired, why were you saying that? Don’t you realize that’s like some stranger told YOU that you’ve gained weight, your posture looks awkward, or you should change lipcolor? How would you take it?

    I know most are concerned about SG’s welfare. But he is a very busy entertainer. He needs to work hard in the very competitive field to stay ahead. Asking him to rest more is not helpful at all, especially in throwaway comments. It’s close to patronizing. Prioritizing and better workload management is key. I wonder if those same people were also cheering him on with the MC thing he’s stuck with.

    I love SG. But I also respect him. I don’t view him as my personal property even in fandom where too much liberty has been taken in my opinion.

    When Ann comments on SG’s attires, she says it in a consulting tone, and delivers it with thought-out, constructive suggestions. I don’t often agree with her, but I totally value her professionalism. I too strive to be a ‘professional’ fan and treat SG with considerations and respect he so deserves.

    Okay, vent over.

    • woah AM~ you have to lighten up. I know how much you (and Sam and Me and all the other Airens) heart Seunggi. and you know how much i wish you were my older sister that would rough up all the guys and girls who try to mess with me!~ but seriously girl, i don’t know how you got that vibe from comments about him looking tired.

      It’s just truth sometimes. and usually fans say it like he looks tired and aw, we want him to get rest. why is that bad or negative? esp when it has a caring tone.

      also, it’s very much a korean cultural way of showing affection – to be very blunt about appearance stuff, like losing weight, changing a hairstyle. and plus Airens are not strangers to him, they are his biggest fans. korean ajummas will come up to you and be like oh your hair looks terrible, go get it done. or you’ve gained a few pounds… even more so in kpop-ent world. to be honest, i think LSG could definitely shed a few pounds. this is ent-world. let’s not pretend… (please don’t throw bricks at me!)

      all the fans (well the ones who comment here) respect him for sure and do not consider him as property. i think it’s an age thing to some degree. younger people relate to guys and show love for guys in different ways. i really noticed that with LSG’s fans. the older ajumma fans think everything the does and wears is like golden and perfect. and sometimes i’m like, huh, really?

      I think if fans were commenting in a mean tone, that’s one thing. but for fans to comment and fangirl over the ups and downs with LSG b/c they care and respect him… that’s definitely a deep sign of closeness and affection and care. :)

      • Yes, I definitely need to lighten up. I think I come from a different mentality like I would feel very uncomfortable if my friend told me I need to control my waistline! It’s just the way I am and I will try not to project that on other people. Okay, lessons taken and next time I’ll just avert my eyes (or roll them!) when the tired looking comment comes up.

        But, let me put forth one more defense…I was especially upset at the comments AT THIS JUNCTURE because I felt the hypocrisy of it. On the one hand fans are egging him on to do things that are very stressful to him or projects that THEY like, while others (not necessarily the same people I know) are saying oh dear boy please rest you look terrible when he’s out making real money for himself. I just don’t feel that’s support that’s all.

      • Thx for that ann, i felt my face burn up when i read that. this is the first time I have been really active in fansites and i didn’t realize how much people take things to heart or diligently “interpret” other comments according to their understanding. I believe that there is no precise measurement to know the depths of ones feeling. Even though there are a billion words to choose from, not everything we think, feel or even dream about can be expressed verbally, hence the phrase “I’m at a loss for words”, or “words fail me” (which was my exact sentiment awhile ago).

        First, let us agree to infer that the reason we stalk the fansites is because we are exactly that: fans. I don’t think the word needs further defining. Secondly, while I am fast becoming painfully aware that there are other non fans who post things to sow discord among fans in the forums and on the comments section, let us agree that those are quite rare and easily detectable by tone and the general feel of the comment itself. Thirdly, let us agree that we are supposed to be fairly intelligent enough to know this and direct our anger where it belongs not to fellow well meaning fans.

        I can actually defend more my first comment but I”ll just agree with everything that anne has stated (thanks again) because it may look like an entire post rather than a comment. I have actually edited out a lot from my initial reply out of deference and respect for this site and host, and opt not to stir up further debate on how and how not to be a fan, jumping to your exclusive (changed the word right there) conclusions, and what respecting opinions really mean.

        I feel like I don’t need to say this because since I am on this site and other similar fansites everyday,and the reason why is fairly obvious- I love this guy. He is a whole lot of things and he is definitely unique. i don’t think that my admiration is a waste of time. I wish for him a lot of things, including being surrounded by intelligent, more than capable and genuinely caring people who will help him achieve what he really wants and deserve. In the course of his journey, I wish that the sacrifices he made will not be too much to cost him his happiness, or health of body, mind and spirit. I wish him success in everything he does because he deserves it. He likewise deserves fans who will stick to him no matter what- whether those fans prefer to look at him through rose tinted glasses or those who dishes out the truth of what they see with the intention of helping him fulfill his dreams of being the best there is.

        Thanks again ann and so sorry for the long post. I will get off my soap box now.

  5. base on fan account at daum cafe ,Seung gi is not feeling well yesterday.he did’nt perform because his throat is not in a good condition.his aura yesterday is sooo good,maybe it depends upon the eye of others.just that he loves to work than to rest.as a big fan I respect him for that.

  6. New clothing Cf for oppa!! I cannot wait to see him in the nice clothes!

  7. LSG fan: my reply was addressed to you, just want to clear that up.

  8. wow..this is a great endorsement. I like seeing him dressed so neatly and very manly..=)

    I would just like to give my opinion about the above post.I guess we all should just respect each and everyone’s opinion. But I don’t understand why use the term hypocrisy when all of us meant nothing negative about our advice to Seung Gi-ya. We are just so concerned about him that we want him to at least find time to rest and relax for a while. We all know how busy he is that’s why most of us shared the same sentiments about his health. He himself admitted that he has so much pressure right now and sharing that to us means that he’s really under a lot of stress but he wants to keep on working for his fans..
    We all love him and we don’t want him to be overworked though I guess that’s not possible..But we just want him to take care of himself because we really mean it and we want him out of any illnesses…

    Thanks..=) PEACE TO ALL ^_^

    • Same sentiments here.. We always tell him to have a complete rest or something like “oh he looks so tired, he needs to rest for a while” but we really mean it. It’s out of hypocrisy. We are all concerned about his health, who says fans are being hypocrite when advising LSG to rest a bit? Is it bad to tell him that? Aren’t we allowed to tell him how we feel whenever we see him tired and losing his weight? We cannot see him face to face yeah, and we cannot talk to him personally, but still, we have the right to send him our concerns through writing right?
      As his fans, we should give him the support that he needs especially now that he is experiencing so much pressure. Same as what seunggicharm said PEACE TO ALL! :)

      • amen and amen.

        if i went with my initial reaction upon reading that comment, I would have taken it personal and vented the same way she did. i could have asked how in the world was she able to claim to decipher , at the same time malign my character and intention based on the two or three sentences in my first comment. well i guess i learned from Seunggi, so often shrugging and smiling away the unfairness of things.

        i wish that we would be more prudent and discerning. Those vents may alienate new fans instead. And that is the worst way of showing support to the one you claim to admire.

  9. Everyone here’s a super sincere Seunggi fan for sure… misunderstandings, misinterpretations can happen all the time but it’s all about how we move on, right? :)

    plus, aside from wanting AnnMichelle as my older sister(!), she’s been one of the unofficial VIPs (unrelated to Big Bang!) here at LSGfan and everyone always looks forward to her regular comments…

    So Airens~ I think we’re all agreeing to move on :) Song drops later this week everyone! Get excited! :)

  10. Lee Seung Gi FIGHTING!!!!
    Airens FIGHTING!!!
    5th Album FIGHTING!!!!

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