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1N2D Korea’s Winter Dining Table, pt 1 – Seunggi’s birthday, culinary knowledge, perfect foodgasm [2012.01.22]

[Since there are only a few more 1N2D eps to go…] The hyungs always say Seunggi has a mature and distinguished food palate!  He again proves WHY he’s everyone’s dream dinner guest!  Korean moms LOVE it when people enjoy the food they cook, and even more when you also express and show that it was good!  The reason why my mom loves having my guy friends over way more than girls!  Ha.  And when guys do the dishes, it’s all over!  The guy can do no wrong!

1N2D Korea’s Winter Dining Table, pt 1: Seunggi cuts

Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan

(SUG mentions it’s Seunggi’s birthday on the day of this filming)
ALL: Happy Birthday to our maknae Seunggi.
LSG: Thank you so much everyone.
SUG: Today is our maknae Seunggi’s birthday. How old are you, Seung-gil?
LSG: You do know my name, right?! (LOL) It’s my 26th birthday!
EJW: He was 21 when he first started 1N2D.
LSG: I really spent my 20s together continuously with 1N2D.

(Flashback to Seunggi’s very 1st 1N2D episode! Hahaha)
At 21~ EJW: Come on, you signed a lifetime contract!
At 22~ LSG: Since it’s the first day of the new year…
At 23~ LSG: Wow, I caught so many… [Suffering through work]
At 24~ [Suffering through seasickness]
At 25~ [Suffering through missions]

EJW: You wasted your 20s!  LSG: Completely!
EJW: A time when people should be out playing a lot!
NaPD: But the birthday never fell on a filming day…
LSG: Seriously, even though it’s my birthday, no manners, you call me here at 4am! What kind of manners is that?! We’ve been together for 5 years…
NaPD: It’s because I wanted to quickly wish you a happy birthday.
SUG: So let’s bring in the cake you prepared!
EJW: Seawood soup, stuff like that right?!
NaPD: (totally speechless! Ha) Um, I will share today’s travel concept. (LOL)
LSG: He didn’t know!  NaPD: First, happy birthday again to Seunggi.

LSG: Most important of all, everyone… Happy (Lunar) New Year!
[EJW: Right now it’s 4:30am!]
LSG: We present our first greeting for 2012… 1 Night 2 Days!

NaPD: There’s a show that our writers are totally into. Have you seen the program with Choi Boram (veteran actor)?
LSG: Korea’s Dining Table! (Omg, Seunggi really loves the culinary arts!)
(Ha, all the members surprised that Seunggi’s into a show like that!)
LSG: Have you seen the show? We get to eat a lot of delicious food on our show, but this show presents some really great dishes.
SUG: Wow, you really enjoying watch those types of things.

LSG: So what you catch, it’s called Myung-tae.
And then when you freeze it, it’s called Dong-tae.
When you take it out from freezing, it’s Hwang-tae?
And the Myung-tae you catch and immediately dry, that’s called Boo-guh.
Then this Ko-da-lee is…
PD: Simply put, it’s not completely dried, but halfway dried.
LSG: So they are kids heading towards being a boo-guh but stopped? (LOL)
PD: Correct.  LSG: So there are 4-5 different ways to prepare myung-tae!
(Omg, I want Seunggi as my personal tutor, or at least my study partner!)

LSG: Winter’s best present… a place popular for its Hwang-tae… We’ve arrived at Kang-won-do In-jae Yong-dae-lee hwang-tae village! Woot Woot!
(The way he introduces places makes me want to pack my bags now!)

LSG: How many types of dishes can you prepare with hwang-tae or ko-da-lee?  M: There’s a lot. Maybe five.
LSG: Oh… actually, I was anticipating more. (LOL) Just teasing.

LSG: Wow, that looks really delicious.
M: But, why are you so handsome?
(LOL!!! Omg, she was so serious when asking!)
LSG: So I will eat the ko-da-lee you prepare as my birthday meal.
M: Yes, I will celebrate your birthday for you!
(OMG, this mom totally hit the jackpot with Seunggi as her guest!)

LSG: Wow, since arriving here 15 minutes ago, the hwang-tae casserole is already ready. Korea’s Winter Dining Table, I will try this 2nd dish.
(Caption: 3-2-1 it’s here. Seunggi’s reaction specialty! Hahaha)
LSG: Mother, are you busy?
M: No, I have lots of time! (LOL)
LSG: You need to come back to Seoul with us. Wow, seriously! Actually, I don’t eat hwang-tae often. I tend to eat more smooth textured fish. But among this type of fish, this is one of the tastiest I’ve eaten.

[LSG reaction caption: Let’s follow! 1) Close your eyes gently, 2) Smoothly turn your head to the side, 3) Deep sigh and a smile, 4) Thumbs up!] HA!
LSG: Hwang-tae is the best! (No, your foodgasms are the best! LOL)

LSG: Was I this good of a match for hwang-tae? Please call me Hwang-tae Seunggi! [Caption: Hwang-Jae (prince/emperor) to Hwang-tae Seunggi!]
(OMG, even licked fingers! He really doesn’t care about his image anymore!)

LSG: This was really the best birthday table meal. Honestly, you’re a little bit better than my mother. (LOL). Mom, I’m sorry…
M: Your mom is going to be so sad!
LSG: Mom, I’m sorry… but Mom, this is really delicious… better than yours…
(Ha, I wonder what Seunggi’s mom had to say after this episode!)

LSG: I feel bad for just taking and being fed, so if you have to clear this, can I help by doing the dishes for you?
M: You don’t have to.
LSG: No, please let me. Dish washing… I’m really… (oh no, I can see confident kitchen Seunggi coming out!  He starts on dishes)

LSG: Sometimes, when I’m doing this, I’m thinking this is fake! (LOL) It can seem like I’m like this all the time at home! My mom really knows! That this is fake! (Ha, I love how he’s straight-up about the high ideals people place on him about his perfect image! Aw, his mom must be an amazing lady!  But, OMG, Seunggi breaks a dish! He is SO heodang!)
LSG: Um, mo..ther… (hehehehe)

LSG: Korean’s Winter Dining Table. I shared with you the ko-da-lee and hwang-tae cooking from Kang-won-do In-jae. I think many of you viewers too must have thought, wow there are all these different ways to prepare this food. Seriously, if you’d like to try Ko-da-lee and Hwang-tae cooking, come right away and visit Kang-won-do In-jae hwang-tae village!

(Then deadpans on cue!) Alright, let’s go and dry the ko-da-lee. (LOL) I need to work to repay the broken dish!

(Gets to work! Ha. Actually, in scenes like this, I think, dude, I can’t wait to see Seunggi on the big screen someday in some big-budget Korean film!)

Oh, man, major seasickness in part 2!  Huhuhu…

I think it’s easy to see why the rumored new variety show about food with Seunggi and former 1N2D’s ShinPD on SBS is not such a far-fetched idea.  Honestly, I think it’s a way better fit than Strong Heart (which was designed to be MC’d by the combo of Seunggi AND Hodong, not just one MC).

See entire 1N2D episode in HD at:  Tryp96.wordpress.com

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6 Responses

  1. yehey …if its a food show can they ask ji won as his partner because they will be a good tandem when it comes to food…..and i know seung gi would be happy having ji won as his nemesis for food tasting…..

    • Agree with you…I think both can create amazing show..
      LSG who will eat anything and his face Vs EJW who is picky with the food…..
      wish the production team do Internet review on this…
      (i am thinking that the King 2Heart team actually do a internet search on fan feedback b4 they take an initiative of pairing LSG & HJW. LSG show interest in pair up with HJW during the Saving award + his acting of Secret Garden Scene during his coffee mission in 1N2D)

  2. seung gi is going to do a food show? he really enjoys cooking…just like someone i know..hehehe…

  3. Seung Gi oppa is just so, so, sooo cute~!

  4. Can’t stand Seung-gi’s cuteness!!! He’s too adorable!!!

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