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Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk radio-talk eating out with Seunggi for the first time ever! [SuKiRa, 6.22.2011]

(video: Tiam062)

This SuKiRa (Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio) clip is SO daebak!  Their giddiness and nervousness is too cute!  Check out what Leeteuk and Eunhyuk said about Seunggi…

They’ve known each other for like 7 years and this is the FIRST time ever Seunggi, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk went out to eat for fun on their own!  And they were all nervous about it!  Hahahaha.  So cute!  Everyone knows Seunggi is notorious for hanging out and chilling with mainly NON-celeb friends, but Eunhyuk and Leeteuk are sort of like that too, that is, as much as possible compared to your typical idol group member.

Love how Eunhyuk and Leeteuk are both nervous and giddy and practically proud when talking about Seunggi.  Teuk-Seunggi texts?!  And Eunhyuk and Leeteuk giggling about how they have to USE Seunggi sparingly for the show was awesome!

Leeteuk-Eunhyuk talk about eating out with Seunggi [SuKiRa, 6.22.2011]

E: Eating is no joke.  T: Eating together means you’re close.
E: Yes, so recently…  T: Recently. For the first time…
E: For the first time… A celebrity friend or you could say peer. We ate together and talked a lot, about stuff we could all identify with.

T: It’s been 7 years for us, and that person said it was also the first time during his 8 years of being an entertainer….
E: We’re talking about Lee Seung Gi. After my comeback to Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart)… Even before, Seunggi kept saying let’s get together, that he felt bad we haven’t been able to do so yet. So we actually met up. But what was so fascinating is… Seunggi and us… our personalities were so similar.  T: So similar.

E: From a shy type personality to being more of a home-body. We were so similar, we thought the 3 of us should regularly meet up.
T: Actually, we made plans often but being busy, we’d say let’s just meet up next time, and there were lots of those times. And Seunggi’s personality is like that too. So nervously, Seunggi said~ Hyung let’s eat together once.
I thought it wouldn’t happen, but Seunggi said we should really meet up this time. The 3 of us really talked a lot.
E: He returned to Seoul after filming 1 Night 2 Days and was probably really tired but immediately came… we really had a fun time.  T: Thank you.

E: Ahhhh~ as for the next song… But the title…
T: We just said we met for the first time and the title seems…
E: [Seunggi’s] not directing this to us right~?
T: This song is really great.
E: Lee Seunggi’s “Losing My Mind.” [laughter] He didn’t lose his mind to meet up with us, right?!
T: Lee Seunggi’s song, “Losing My Mind.”
E: I’m sure Seunggi hadn’t lost his mind~!

T: Seunggi just sent me a text message.  E: Really?
T: I had sent him a text.  E: You did?
T: He texted~ I request Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” for the ending song.
Sorry Seunggi, we can’t! Call him live?
E: If we do too much at once, it’s no fun.
T: And it’s closing time. We can’t rush something like that.
E: When Seunggi’s ready, we’ll call him live…
T: When we’re being evaluated? [laughter]
E: Are we trying to use him too much?! [laughter] No but a good thing is a good thing. Seunggi will probably like radio too.
T: Since he’s come on Sukira a lot before.  E: Of course.

English:  LSGfan

So~ only 3 girls have Seunggi’s number, but a few guy celebs also have his number!

Love all this recent talk about meeting up with Seunggi from other peer guys…!

Like Hyunjoong on the Yunho-Hyunjoong-Seunggi birth order that requires Yunho (hyung!) to pay the bill if the 3 guys were to go out and eat!  Hodong even seemed a bit jealous.  He was like, let me in on eating out with you guys too!

And last week, Jang Geun Suk mentioned the celebs he wants to become close with:

Reporter:  Any entertainer/celebrity you want to become close with?
JGS:  I want to have drinks with male entertainers in my peer group. Hm~ Lee Min Ho. Kim Hyun Joong. Lee Seung Gi. I think it would be fun if the four of us met up at night to have drinks without our managers knowing.

LSGfan via Sports Seoul

I’m totally loving this!  Just because you never get to see Seunggi chilling with other similar-age celeb guys; it’s always hyungs and sunbaes, or his close NON-celeb guy friends from his school days.  He’s sort of been branded as a bit unapproachable (not in a bad way per se, but sort of in that uhm-chin-ah way!)

But I like that the majority of his good friends are non-celebs!  As most of you know, I CANNOT stand the constant attention-seeking, selca photo tweeting, look-at-me-with-other-celebs stuff!  People who try way too hard and needy are totally a NO-NO for me!

Anyway, love how they ended with Losing My Mind!  Not the first time on SuKiRa…

I’m really MISSING this song~!  And Daewoong-Miho!  Hoi Hoi~~

2010 September
Leeteuk-Eunhyuk end show with Seunggi’s “Losing my Mind”

(video: icezypomme)

2008?  Aw, love these guys…
Seems like 2008 based on Seunggi’s hairstyle?!

2006?  Omg, they all look SO young!
I would LOVE to see this Seunggi hairstyle again, please!

2010 December.  Aw, all so grown up now! Hahaha.
SBS Entertainment Awards, MC Seunggi and Teuk Academy

(Images: As labeled, dcLSG;  Videos: As indicated)

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9 Responses

  1. Lee Seung-gi! With my fave SuJu guy, Lee Teuk! I love seeing him with people his age! And should Lee MinHo, Jang GeunSeuk, Kim HyunJung and SeungGi go out, that’ll really be like F4. Haha! In terms of popularity, of course. Not in terms of bad hair and OTT clothing. Thanks for the translation, Ann! I was really looking for this!

  2. I know you’ll post it Ann^^
    When I saw the news, unconditionally my heart feel relieved since he now has some similar age friends. I remember in one interview, particularly about his brotherhood with MC 몽 , Seung Gi said that he supposed to be lonely since other guys is hanging out with their group member and so on, and he just sitting alone in the room, therefore he was so glad when he found out that MC mong also attended the same event.

    It just so sad, therefore I’m so glad that he has chingu now, not hyung or sunbaenim like he usually do.

    Always hoping for his best ^^
    And Ann, have I told you that I really love your way of writing to deliver Seung Gi’s news? I totally love it! Though I’ve already read it, but read it in your blog made the news being different!

    • @reglest, i guess your talking about the event at 2009 MBC year end special ??? where he supposedly perform Will you marry me alone & found out that MC Mong was there too that’s why he’s so happy when MC Mong performed the rapped part with Him on stage. Most of the performer that time is a group idol no wonder..just my cent

  3. Omo… I’m in LOVE with this post!!
    Seungi is PERFECT in every way, and so adorable! I wish he’ll be good close friends with some celeb guys as well.. so that they can boast about each other later on shows (ha.)
    I think in terms of personality, he would definitely fit with Super Junior best out of all idols/actors because they are extremely comfortable to be around, and so very dorky and hilarious, but also very loyal

    Thank you so much for translating!

    PS: btw, you know, Suju is among those idols who posts plenty of pictures of themselves all the time.. Their tweets are actually very geeky adorkable sometimes.. I hope you don’t hate them too much for that. :(

    • every idol/artist has their way to ekspress him/her self by twitter, i am an elf and i dont think their tweet are bad,, as long as they have good manner to other its ok for me ^^,, glad to see they are getting close each other,, ^^

  4. I love reading your blog lsgfan! Seunggi with Teuk hyung and Eunhyuk hyung is so much love! All Suju! Seunggi and Siwon on Strong heart still so funny! Fighting seunggi and suju!

  5. i’ve always liked seunggi he’s such a nice guy, and i love seeing eunteuk interacting with him on strong heart. really happy to know that they’re on good term with each other! thanks so much for the translation^^

  6. Thanks so much for this, Ann. From the association with SG, I like SuJu more and more! Also love the long, curly hair too – really don’t understand what’s so ahjumma about it?! He looks great with that style (as in the 2008 Letter of Angels photos).

  7. Hey guys~ I think a lot of ppl think LSG doesn’t have similar age friends, but he does. Mainly by choice, he has mostly non-celeb friends (from middle school/high school). which is really different most of the other idol guys and peers that hang out and are good friends with other celebs. I really feel like it’s an intentional choice on LSG’s part?

    Kka~ Yeah, the whole photo-selca tweeting thing is all the rave in Korea, so a lot of idols and actors do it. But some ppl seem to just do it way more than others and are like in the news more for their photo tweets than other stuff. But some fans love that stuff. Just not my thing…

    But I just love the Eunhyuk-Teuk-Seunggi grouping! :) Want to see the 3 of them together more on Strong Heart!

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