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Breakout star Chef Kim Jung Tae, sous-chef Seunggi, and more actor bromance [1N2D Supporting Actor Special Part 2]

I can’t get enough of this 1N2D Supporting Actor Special!  I liked it WAY more than the Actress Special.  Because we got to see way more of Seunggi?  Or seeing him with hyungs and sunbaes who seem more like fanboys is always heartwarming?!  Or because Actor Seunggi talking the craft of acting with veteran actors is awesome!  Or maybe because my new fave 1N2D Couple is Seunggi and Kim Jungtae! (Would love it if PD Na really considers all the unbelievable public and netizen outpouring love for Jungtae and bring him on as the 7th member!)

This should’ve been 3 episodes long!  I would’ve laughed just watching the guys hang out and joke around for an entire 3rd episode!  PD Na mentioned wanting to do another Actress Special, but he expressed even more excitement about doing a Supporting Actor Special type of of thing with all male actors again!

Warning~ Another long post! Couldn’t help it again! Loved this Special!~
Had to make up for long LSGfan absence from posting!!

Part 1 of the Supporting Actor Special ended with another Seunggi ipsoo (water plunge)~ yay! Along with Go Changsuk and Sung Jiroo.  And so Part 2 started with the guys washing up afterward with of course some shots of Seunggi!  But probably not enough for fans!  Poor cameraman was totally maligned by fans for not getting the desired fan angle shots! hahaha. Seunggi needs a female cameraman!

Seunggi’s arms are seriously no joke!  He’s always had great arms but dude, he is majorly working them out!  Also, am I the only one who thought the yellow stripe design looked familiar? It totally reminded me of that sort of crazy but awesome front and back zipper jacket from one of the College Music Festivals

So the guys wash up and walk over to the beach to set up camp and cook dinner.  I loved these screen shots of all the guys.  Totally made me want to go camping!

Maybe I also liked this special because it reminded me of older 1n2d episodes, when the guys were all traveling together and just hanging out having fun.  Had the same vibe as the 3-episode Korean Route Special from a year ago.  It was Kim C’s second to last trip with 1N2D.  Boohoo… just even thinking about it~~

The guys were squished together in that small car and Seunggi singing Kim C’s song and the setting up camp on the beach and cooking dinner.  Just like this Actor Special!

And even though Kim Jungtae is totally different personality-wise from Kim C~ but something about the way Seunggi admired Kim Jungtae Chef(!) and how Jungtae showed love for Seunggi totally reminded me of Seunggi-Kim C!  Like the interaction was so natural and you just loved when they were on screen together!  Aww…

More cooking in Part 2, but primarily as sous chef assistant to Jungtae Chef~!

Seunggi really likes to cook!  He’s had a few recent successes on 1n2d so he’s definitely getting better~!  He placed 2nd in the cooking contest a few months ago.  (Although the contest was judged by major fangirl 1n2D Food Truck Ajumma!)  Before that, PD Na loved Seunggi’s glazed sweet potatoes and the recipe was a hit online afterward.  And he looked great in a hanbok(!) preparing food for Chuseok!

Plus, I totally loved cooking Seunggi in the Chung Jung Won CF and the CF making!

He just wants his hyungs to like what he’s made!  Omg, such a maknae!  Just like maknae Hodong calling after Sung Dongil to taste each little thing he prepared!

After Special Part 1, PD Na was asked about Seunggi’s cooking…

Noticing Seunggi’s happiness and contentment when others liked the french toast he prepared, a reporter asked PD Na to assess Seunggi’s cooking.  

PD Na said Seunggi is “not skilled at cooking, but he is very passionate about it.”  He explained, “Although Seunggi likes to cook, he’s not very good at it.  He really likes to cook and only wants to be good at it.  He has a sincere greed for cooking.  While singing or acting well is a good thing, it’s not like cooking well has a great advantage.  Seunggi likes to play soccer, so in the same way, it’s just that he loves to cook. (PD Na laughs)” 

He added, “Kim Jung Tae is very good at cooking.  Using flour and raw ingredients, he made fresh raw noodles.  Seeing that, Seunggi had hearts in his eyes while watching!  Although it didn’t show up in the aired episode, he was by [Jungtae’s] side for over 2 hours, like that of an apprentice chef.  He was very active and busy but having a lot of fun.”

LSGfan via MyDaily

Seunggi really had “hearts in his eyes!”  In total amazement over Jungtae’s ability to make noodles from scratch on some stranded beach!  I was amazed!

And Jungtae really appreciated Seunggi’s admiration and sentiment!  Aw too cute…

And PD Na was not exaggerating about Seunggi by Jungtae’s side for 2+ hours!~

Jungtae-Seunggi save precious noodle dough from the sand!

Seunggi was so shocked and relieved…!

[VIDEO] ~ Saving the precious dough!

(Jungtae is so into beating the dough, it bounces off the pan!)
LSG: Hyung! Kim Chef! Totally! Woah!  (They high-five in relief!)
KJT: You think I would’ve employed you for no reason?!
LSG: Such a relief I was sitting right here!

Jungtae got so used to having Seunggi right by his side that when Seunggi walks over to try some of Sung Dongil’s food and hang out with him for a bit, Jungtae kept looking over there, like when are you coming back!  Hahaha.

And in order to get Seunggi to return by his side, Jungtae belted out a noodle dough version of Seunggi’s song “Because you’re my woman”~~ OMG!

Taking the cue, Seunggi immediately returned and added a few lines to the song…

[VIDEO] ~ Jungtae-Seunggi sing noodle dough “Because you’re my Woman”

KJT: Because you’re my chewy dough!
[Seunggi hurry up and come back! Seunggi comes over immediately.]
LSG: Sunbaenim, that’s my song, right?
KJT: Of course.
LSG: I’ll call you noodles (versus noona!). Despite what you say, I’ll roll the dough to have good noodles. [laughter] I wasn’t trying to be funny.

Now that Seunggi’s back by his side, Jungtae can focus on the dough again!~~

[VIDEO] ~ Seunggi incubating the dough and amazed at Jungtae’s skills!

LSG: [Jungtae checks on dough sitting in LSG’s jacket!] I’m still incubating it.
KJT: [Takes out the dough] Nice. This is good. I’ll show you the difference.
LSG: Wow his idea is great (using can as a roller!) Wow! (at the flat dough!)
SDI: You can’t tell if you see it this way.  Show it like this.
LSG: Wow, this is “hand-knife noodles” just like its name!

Dinner is ready. Awaiting Sung Dongil’s taste test…

Seunggi totally moved by Jungtae and Dongil sunbaenims’ cooking…

Non-stop eating, and straight from the bottom of the pot (along with Jongmin!).  And claiming first place since he still could eat while Jongmin couldn’t take anymore!

[VIDEO] ~ Seunggi talks acting with sunbaenims

PD: Seunggi’s an actor too so he seems very curious.
KJM: You’re an actor too!
LSG: In my case, because I haven’t done many projects, I don’t know anything about acting yet. Early on, I was very curious as to how other sunbaenims approached acting. Typically, do you just read through and practice your lines at home?
SJR: I think films and dramas are a bit different.
LSG: Like in what aspects?
SJR: A film already has the story laid out so I’ll know which parts I have. For dramas, as you know since you’ve done them, there’s a tendency to bring the parts in later on…
LSG: Like in real-time.
SJR: Also you feel a lot of burden with films, although these days it’s less so.

Seunggi’s really getting into this conversation about acting with the sunbaes and continues to ask about other sunbae actors they’ve been impressed by.  Then out of nowhere, Jongmin’s like what do you guys think of Seunggi’s acting!  After Jo Sungah sunbaenim had rattled off some major veteran names!  Seunggi was so embarrassed!  But then of course loved the compliment!

[VIDEO] ~ Jo Sungha compliments Actor Seunggi

KjM: What do sunbaenims think of Seunggi’s acting?
LSG: What are you saying?! [laughter!] Hyung, why all of a sudden are you throwing my name in?! He was just mentioning Kim Yoon Suk, Ha Jung Woo (reputable film actors). How can you throw in Lee Seung Gi next?! What’s wrong with you? You have to compare people on an equal playing field!
KJM: Since Seunggi is starting out… How did hyung see him?
SJA: He’s good. He does a good job. I think the most important~ Doing a good job is important too, but is that person working really hard at that role or character? Can you see that role in the person? I think that’s more important. Since you have that aspect, it’s good to see.
(LSG is so moved by the compliment! Hahaha! Jongmin so excited!)
LSG: (gets on his knees in deference!) I will go toward films soon! No but really, acting wise I still have a long way to go.
KJM: What do you think of Taewoong hyung?

Made me wish (just a little bit!) for his film debut soon.  But glad that he decided to hold off on film debut back in September last year when it was rumored all over the news that he would be making a film debut in a movie.

And Jo SungAh also payed a super big compliment to Taewoong when asked about his acting.  He was like think about just the sheer number of Korean films that get made every year; it’s not that many.  So for anyone to be in the lead role in a movie says something about that person and his acting.  Everyone’s like wow.  But then Ahn Gilkang jokes~ Well either that, or his asking price is not that high!

Go Changsuk continued to be so lovable!  He definitely showed his excitement at meeting Seunggi when he clapped in applause when Seunggi came to get them from the coffee shop.  And here’s Seunggi showing the photo of Changsuk’s daughter to the cameras!  Per Seunggi~ “Exactly identical minus the beard!”

Changusk also mentioned that he was on set filming a movie a while back and he had a lot of downtime for a few days, so he was sent 5 downloaded episodes of 1N2D he had to catch up on and he watched them repeatedly like a 1000 times!  He said after seeing it so many times (pointing to Seunggi), he felt really close and familiar to Seunggi!  So cute!  So I’m not the only one watching 1n2d episodes repeatedly!

It looked like the guys were going to talk more acting, but Sugeun started playing Jongmin’s song on guitar.  Jongmin and Seunggi go over but Jongmin can’t seem to match Sugeun’s lower key!  And Seunggi had to help him out with his own song!~

[VIDEO] ~ Seunggi helps Jongmin sing the right key!

(Jongmin couldn’t figure out the key Sugeun was playing in so LSG helps)
[Caption: A really amazing situation!]
DongIl: Who’s song is this?!  Who’s teaching who to sing it?!
(Jongmin gets the hang of it! Good. But struggles with next part!)
[Caption: Receiving guidance again!]
(LSG knows the lyrics and melody to Jongmin’s song! DongIl in disbelief!)

Sleep bokbulbok game.

Being maknae can have its disadvantages.  When one person has to be sacrificed, eldest hyung remaining, Jo Sung Ha says let’s take Seunggi out!

[VIDEO] ~ Seunggi gets thrown out by the hyungs

(Everyone’s fighting to stay in, saying what should we do)
SungAh: Let’s go with Seunggi… Seunggi.
(LSG’s like no way as all the hyungs gang up to push him out!)
KHD: That’s a warning Ahn GilKang!

[VIDEO] ~ Seunggi shows off awesome footwork!

PD: Why don’t you just go in the water?
(LSG with some fast moves catches the flag guy!)
LSG: Okay okay. He’s so fast.

Hoodie Seunggi and just woken-up 1N2D Seunggi is jjang!

[VIDEO] ~ Goodbyes.  More Jungtae-Seunggi bromance!

LSG: Hyung you went through a lot!
KJT: Don’t forget about hyung!
LSG: I won’t forget you! Hyung, if I see you on a filming set, don’t forget me.
KJT: You can’t forget Hyung, okay?

I absolutely LOVED this Supporting Actor Special…

And while all the actors gained MAJOR name recognition and public interest after their 1N2D appearance, Kim Jungtae has literally become a national star!

He gained a lot of popularity after Part 1 aired, but after Part 2, he was making headlines and in the top searches for days, beating out more juicy celeb gossip news!  He was already an active tweeter prior to 1N2D, but his followers have tripled now, with news articles reporting on his tweets and tweet photos!

The public interest and affection for him has been enormous, even overwhelming Jungtae himself who took to twitter to thank people for all the love.  That he’ll seek to be a humble in all that he does.

In addition to filming on current MBC drama, Miss Ripley, he recently filmed a CF with current popular girl Kim Sarang (the noona from Seunggi’s Because You’re my Woman music video).  And he just recorded a KBS Win Win episode this past week, set to air next Tuesday (up against Hodong and Seunggi’s Strong Heart).  I think it could be one of Win Win’s highest ratings since there’s such a groundswell of interest into Kim Jungtae, since people haven’t known much about him.

He blew everyone away with his comedic timing and variety sense.  And Hodong is getting a lot of credit for having an eye for star potential.  During dinner, Hodong semi-joked that Jungtae would become a huge star after this special aired…

I know MC Kim Seung Woo (KBS Win Win) is also in Miss Ripley, but would rather see Jungtae with Hodong and Seunggi since his 1N2D appearance and interaction with the guys has basically changed his career and life forever!  Well, I’m sure there will be some 1n2d talk on Win Win, especially with Sugeun being one of the MCs.

Really want to see Jungtae and Seunggi together again!  Please PD Na, take the public pleas seriously, and consider Jungtae as a member on 1N2D!

Jungtae’s twitter:  twitter.com/ActorJTK

See more LSG video cuts over at: Tryp96 11.06.19 1n2d cuts.

Sunday Night TV Ratings:  June 19, 2011

*See weekly Sunday TV Ratings at top of the page.

Brandname Supporting Actor Special Part 2

AGB Nielsen
4- KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1 (Man’s Qualif) + Pt 2 (1n2d) = 19.1%
7- 1n2d rerun = 13.3% (broadcast at a different time slot in the morning)
8- MBC Our One Night Pt 1 (I’m a Singer) + Pt 2 (New Recruit) = 12.8%
*SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) + Pt 2 (Kiss and Cry) = 7.3% 

Individual show ratings:

KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1 (Man’s Qualif) = 11.4%
MBC Our One Night Pt 1 (I’m a Singer) = 17.0%
SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 7.9%

KBS Happy Sunday Pt 2 (1n2d) = 26.2%
MBC Our One Night Pt 2 (New Recruit) = 4.7%
SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Kiss and Cry) = 7.2%

(source: LSGfan via Newsen, Osen)

(Images: dcLSG, As labeled, Naver; Videos: Tryp96; English: LSGfan)

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  1. Thanks for this! I love all ur posts and read them again and again! I’m kinda new to Lee Seung Gi and love him nomu much on 1N2D. Love hom more and more everyday^^^

  2. i agree with u, i also like actor special more than actreess special. i think in actreess special is too much tolerance, so it’s not fun

  3. I cannot help but feel KJT is much more suited for 1N2D than UTW! UTW is a nice guy and lovely actor, but, just take this episode for example, he turned away from giving a reaction to the noodle dish, and later, he basically shied away again when given praises for his acting.

    I watched these two episodes countless times too. There’s really not a dull moment. The chemistry between SG-KJT and SG-SJA were amazing. I think SJA already adored SG even before meeting him for the first time here. KJT was more reserved at first but then was totally conquered by SG’s charm. How could anyone not be?!

  4. Thank you for your effort for transcripting this 1n2d episode. May I know what episode is this? It seems that I have never watched this episode before.

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