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Only 3 girls have Seunggi’s number, but ideal girl is Yoona

*** Watch this video episode [ENG] ***
Come to Play: Seunggi, Lee Sun Hee, Jung Yup [ENG, Ep 2]

Omg, after being Come to Play obsessed for the past week, I liked Part 2 just as much, maybe even more than last week’s Part 1.  The Part 2 episode (aired May 2) had all sorts of goodies, including the 3 misconceptions women have about Seunggi.  (that is, according to Seunggi!)  Not surprisingly, Yoona as Seunggi’s ideal girl and the 3 female celebs that have Seunggi’s phone number is getting all the buzz…

Come to Play, LSG cuts [ENG-subbed] are forthcoming.
Meanwhile, highlights from Come to Play part 2…

#3 misconception women have~ that Seunggi doesn’t have a cellphone.  MC Yoo asked Seunggi if there were any female celebs that had Seunggi’s number.

The 3 lucky girls with Seunggi’s number?


Shin Min Ah, Han Hyo Joo, Moon Chae Won.

#2 misconception women have~ that he seems like he wouldn’t drink.  He acknowledges his upstanding image as probably the reason but emphatically states that he too likes to drink with friends and doesn’t get why everyone is shocked to know that he does drink!  Hodong being the ultimate one!

He says he tends to forget what’s happened when he’s drunk and that he didn’t even remember singing the same 2 songs 20 times when they got together (guys only!) for a friend’s birthday!  He only found out when he woke  up to a sore throat and friends filling him in about the night before!  Now I can see why Seunggi chooses mainly to chill with his close school guy friends!  Um, major scandal potential otherwise!

#1 misconception women have~ that he’s a difficult guy to approach.  He couldn’t understand why.  The others say it’s because of his upstanding image.  Hong Kyung Min adds that women want to have a son just like Seunggi, but don’t necessarily think “I want to marry him” at first.  Which of course, does not help Seunggi’s case!

(Ok, Hong Kyung Min is a lot older so I’d say the younger females definitely are not looking at Seunggi as son material!  Definitely boyfriend potential!)

He then compares Seunggi to a pagoda at a temple and says people feel  Seunggi is sort of untouchable, like they have to protect him!  An uber compliment, but still no use for Seunggi who’s wanting girls to approach him!  So the other guys suggest Seunggi transform (just slightly!) into a bad guy! (not easy for him!)

Please return Hwan!~~~

Introducing Lee Seung Gi as Sun Woo Hwan, Brilliant Legacy

Also, there was a lot of  SBS My Girlfriend is a Gumiho love on the MBC set of Come to Play. (Maybe to make up for dragging Seunggi’s name in the news cycle for several days about casting rumors for the MBC’s new Hong Sisters drama, which by the way I’m  sort of boycotting!)

Seunggi also told a story about how Jung Yup was way easier on Shin Min Ah for her song on the drama OST.  Jung Yup composed the song for “Sha La La.”  And even though Jung Yup is well-known to be detail oriented and Seunggi and others had to record for like 4 hours, Min Ah was given the thumbs up after like 1 hour, like 1 take!  Jung Yup was like really, it was only an hour? He didn’t notice time had passed!  The others teased him that it was more about him liking Min Ah than her song!

And then of course the Yoona as his ideal girl thing.  Looks like SNSD’s Yoona already has the all important Teacher Lee Sun Hee endorsement!  Teacher first brings up Yoona and says she personally thinks Yoona is pretty and would ask Seunggi about it and he wouldn’t really say anything.

Seunggi said that he does think Yoona is pretty but doesn’t say much because it’s weird to talk with Teacher Sun Hee about that sort of thing.  They ask who his ideal girl is, style-wise, and he picks Yoona.

Either Seunggi’s trying to be consistent with his original ideal girl choice from 2 years ago(!) or he really like the Yoona type of girl.  I definitely think there’s some of both going on.  Either way, Korean guys (and guys in general!) like girls to be sexy and alluring but also cute and innocent!  Which is why I’ve said we Korean girls are always having to showcase both! Ha.

Hahahahaha. So cute.
Love when variety shows also use photoshop!

TV RATINGS (AGB Nielsen): 11pm variety time slot

May 2, 2011
5- MBC Come to Play, Part 2 = 13.3% (Seoul = 13.8%)
* SBS Night is Night = 6.8% (not in top 20)
* KBS Korean Talk Show Hello = 6.4% (not in top 20)

April 25, 2011
3- MBC Come to Play, Part 1 = 15.9% (Seoul = 15.9%)
* SBS Night is Night = 6.5% (not in top 20)
* KBS Korean Talk Show Hello = 5.8% (not in top 20)

Previous weekly ratings for Come to Play (AGB)
11.6%, 8.5%, 10.5%, 15.8%, 16.6%, 10.8%, 10.4%, 12.2%
(Bolded ratings- highest ratings show had seen in a long time)

Source: LSGfan via AGB, TNMS, Star News

Hoi Couple Daewoong-Miho

SeungGi introduces his girlfriend Gu Mi Ho, Strong Heart cut

NG Kiss scenes, Strong Heart cut

I love you from now on, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

HwanSung Couple Hwan-Eunsung

LSG-HHJ, Best Couple 2009 SBS Drama Awards [ENG]


LSG-MCW, Presenters, 2010 SBS Drama Awards [ENG]

LSG-MCW, Strong Heart [ENG]

Seunggi’s ideal girl…

(Videos: Rapport2010, Images: Korean Press, dcLSG, As labeled)

Can I just say?~  Seunggi is so very smart. He gets to keep the numbers of three hot actresses in his smartphone, while warding off any talk of potential scandal with the excuse that all three were people he’s worked with!  Also super safe choice to pick Yoona.  She’s like the ideal girl for a bunch of guys, so no real scandal or issue taken.  Brilliant!

I’m sure he likes them all, I mean Seunggi IS a guy after all!  But I definitely get this feeling that Seunggi will marry a non-celeb in the future.  Which is fine by me.  If I can date and later get married, and since I won’t be marrying Seunggi(!), then he should be happy too!  His REAL ideal girl is probably a mix of all 4 girls (plus a Kim Yuna)!

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56 Responses

  1. YEY for Ann! I’m totally loving his connection with each woman, most especially Minah. Though, Yoona…not so much. Hahaha! It was totally nice of his friends not to divulge anything to the press whenever Seung-gi’s done something crazy while drunk. In showbiz, I guess a lot of people find it hard to have real friends, let alone stay real friends with people from outside of it. It’s like his non-showbiz friends are also protecting him. I find that cute, sweet, and daebak!

    As for the three girls, I wonder if he still keeps in touch with them. I think he keeps in contact with Hyojoo, but I wonder if he also does with Chaewon and Minah? Hmmmn…

    Thanks for the post, Ann! As always, you’re a real angel!

  2. Han Hyo Joo FTW~haha

  3. I have so many things I would like to comment about your wonderful post, Ann. First, SMA looked so good in that studio picture. I wonder why the guy did not drag out the recording session to, like, three days!

    From what I saw of Yoona (very little, I admit), I certainly hope SG just likes her type, not her. She was in “Two Out, 9th Inning, Bottom Half” and yes I know it’s a drama and she was only playing a character. But I still believe I can see something of a person’s true self in the roles she plays. I didn’t like what I saw in her.

    About SG’s drinking story, to be honest I was a little sad. Not that I am disappointed about the fact that he drinks. But I feel it’s kind of private and personal, the way he lives his life, spends time with his friends and stuff. And he should not feel obligated to disclose it for public consumption. If the purpose is to build some allowance in people’s opinions of him, again, it’s a burden I wish he did not have to carry. I guess that’s the price of being a celebrity.

    Thanks again for the post and cannot wait for more.

  4. seunggi being consistent with his ideal girl cant help but feel a tad jealous of yoona but over all yoona is such a great girl. but almost always in real life we dont get to end up with our ideal types. plus i’ve always liked how Seunggi looked with Minah or Hyo Joo. Well Hyo Joo is taken so I still have Minah to root for , plus he has her number so that’s a plus over Yoona. lol

    • Ann,
      You said Hyo Joo was taken. Is it true, or just rumor? I don’t know who you rooted for, but if it is just rumor, you should not have said so.

  5. @ann: HyoJoo is taken by who?

    well, as much as I love hwansung couple, I don’t think they will end up together.

    I agree with you, lsgfan.. both seunggi & hyojoo will marry with a non-celeb in the future..

  6. you’re right there ann. i find seunggi genius that he doesn’t have im yoona’s number and she’s his ideal. in case he has it.. rumors will just spread like a wild fire.

    idk but i have a feeling that seunggi will marry… idk. i dont see him marrying but i see him dating for now, maybe that’s the reason why i dont think of seunggi’s marriage too (as a fan) ha ha ha!. but if ever he will pursue Yoon A. wow. perfect GENES indeed.

    and seunggi drinking. i dont have really anything against it. i am very aware of his umchinah image but i dont see drinking as something bad for an umchinah. id rather raise eyebrows if seunggi tells he loves to smoke which thank God he doesn’t!

    and wow. as a Minah fan, i dont see Min ah marrying a celebrity too. haha. what is this. ^_^

    • @everydei, me too. I think both Minah and Seunggi will marry non-celebs. He once told his hyungs that his ideal girl should be someone who hasn’t dated a lot, doesn’t go to bars, and did not have a lot of boyfriends before him. I guess he wants the old-fashioned type, but Yoona’s very modern…hmmn…but I’m no fan, so I won’t judge her.
      Anyway, the fangirl in me will always believe in the Hoyi Couple. It would have been nice for them, since I find them opposites at the first glance. Minah’s a bit reserved, while Seunggi’s more outspoken. They could have complemented each other well.

  7. omg, love reading everyone’s commentary and opinions about Seunggi’s love life (or the absence of one!) So deep! hahaha.

    ok I added another photo of LSG-Yoona from Strong Heart. I thought the first was really cute but then realized people could think I’m an anti! So a more serious one has been added…. to compete fairly with Seunggi’s acting partners. btw, Yoona is really tall! and mark my words, we’ll see her on strong heart again soon!

    I was thinking that Seunggi might get cast with that drama with MCW, the sageuk. (someone mentioned it before here). I love MCW, but not sure how I feel about them teaming up together again; same reason even though I love HwanSung i probably don’t want to see them together again.

    I actually really want to see a reunion of Hoi Couple. Seunggi-Minah chemistry was amazing and the storyline so awesome. We need a part 2 where Daewoong-Miho mate and have super duper cute kids! LOL! :)

    Also, Come to Play Part 2 is daebak. You guys are going to love the Eng-subbed cuts for both eps, but Part 2 has the whole misconception thing which is straight from Seunggi’s over-thinking mind and heart! Ha!

    • Yiiiii! I’m glad to hear that from you. You’re right. They SHOULD have a reunion. That would be daebak. Can’t wait for the English-subbed cuts!

  8. Why do people continue to say Hyo Joo is taken when she isn’t? She’s denied it herself and besides, that dating rumor came out nearly 2 years ago -_-

  9. My heart wants to believe that senggi just likes someone who resembles like yoona, minah is knda like that. Reserved in real life totally different from her glamorous persona on cfs . And i dnt thi k she dated much too :)

  10. i read it from somewhere that HJ is taken, any how if she isnt then HwanSung has a chance. :) I equally love HwanSung and Miho Daewoon pairing.

  11. yeah, I also heard MinAh had scandal with BigBang’s TOP or Joo Ji Hoon if I’m not mistaken.
    but.. as usual celebrities always deny every single scandal that come into their life!!! hahahha….

    personally, don’t really like Hoyi couple.. (sorry, I’m not a MinAh’s fan, I can’t get her charm even when she was as a Gumiho or in her other dramas such as the devil)

    HwanSung is still my favorite..
    perhaps, seeing MCW-LSG in a drama would be good. I love their chemistry in BL..
    even… I really wanna see the pairing of LSG-Yoona in a drama too haha…

    well, seeing our favorite celebrities and shipping them together is usually a part of our fangirling activities right? kekeke…

  12. same thing for me..i keep thinking seunggi would probably marry a non-celeb in the future..probably around his early thirties since i dont think he’s the kind of guy who would like to play the dating field for a very long time till he reaches his forties… as a fan i do want him to be dating already since that would inject more happiness into his life..

  13. ann. million thanks to the english sub cuts. ;;___;; we fans who know only basic hangeul are lost when it comes to this. thank you! HAHA. im excited for the future strong heart appearance. since hodong will surely ask yoona about her reactions when article are popping saying that he is lee seung gi, korea’s national brother’s ideal type.

    and about Yoona. im an snsd fan too. and ive seen some of their shows. yoona is really beautiful but has this ‘boyish’ attitude. she can play with her face. act like not an SNSD(common image. perfect, really pretty) haha. and that’s what i like about her.:) but then she is my least fave in snsd. :( way back before this!! haha

    tishi. i love hoi couple to death. (haha) and since they’re the king and queens of CF i still hope for a commercial. maybe a beer??? haha. ^_^ or i am really hoping for a cellphone commercial. whew.

    • Everydei, The companies will have a field day when they do have a CF together. They should do a series of CFs. Whoever the company they represent will surely have their products fly off the shelves. I like Yoona enough, since she’s wacky in Hello Baby. But she’s not my favorite SNSD (that’s for HyoYeon and SeoHyun, haha!). Plus, I like her and Taecyeon’s chemistry.

      I can’t help but think if SeungGi will have a celebrity girlfriend, it should be one that he won’t overshine. Because let’s admit that he’s Korea’s golden boy. Or someone reserved yet can hold out on her own. I do hope that SeungGi gets to have a girlfriend soon. He’s entitled to have a lovelife. I think that’s the only thing missing from him right now.

  14. I love Taec and like (not love) Yoona, but not into them together. I see Yoona (along with MCW and SMA) with non-celebs too. I like Seohyun too. Hope she stays the same despite all the popularity. And hate to be vain, but love Sooyoung for her amazing model body!

    I really think the best girl would be a mix of all the girls (yoona, HHJ, MCW, HHJ, SMA)~ he likes to laugh so just someone quiet and nice would be no fun for him.

    we all agree that a non-celeb GF is best! maybe because that would make us all less jealous?! hahahah. no but for real~ like you guys said~ someone who won’t OUTSHINE him but support him. since we know whoever gets Seunggi in the end will have his UNDIVIDED love and attention! *sigh*

    he probably won’t have a GF until after military service? unless it’s someone he’s super serious about and plans to marry. Too bad it’s like that in Korea. Like Jo In Sung, he was released from army yesterday. he’s 31. he should be allowed to date publicly now!

    • aww. do koreans have an specific age when to go to military service? i was just thinking about it yesterday, and thought of seung gi. T___T

      the idea of him going to military already makes me sad. :”(

      ~~uhm, reading the comments here made me laugh. HAHA! seung gi fans! fighting! :)

      ~MGIG pilot episode here in the Philippines was shown awhile ago. aww. gosh i missed the Hoi Couple! I want them to be a couple in real life! :”>

      • I think the cut-off is 30. but 2 yrs goes by fast. I think they’ll still be a lot of interest in him while he’s there (like Jo In Sung, Hyun Bin, etc).

        Totally LOVE the teasers ABS-CBN is using to promote MGIG. it just started airing on Monday. Are a lot of your friends watching?

        I miss Hoi couple very much! They MUST promote the drama together at least once before seunggi does his next drama!

  15. ann. lol are you looking for a goddess somewhere? the mixture of the 4 girls is surely the one. haha. :0 i cannot imagine if she’s still a human. haha but i know the luckiest girl on earth are the girls whom the one we admire loves. hahah! *cheesy but true*

    and you’re right there how Jo in sung’s ring immediately caught many attention. i hope he’s not lying. i mean in a sense that he only doesn’t want to disappoint fans. i hope if he’s dating he’ll say it soon. he’s at a marrying age already. netizens comments should not matter by this time…for him. hahaha

    and if seunggi will have a celebrity girlfriend , the thing i am only anticipating is their public appearances. like holding hands, them looking each other with a loving eyes. haha. sounds fun right? i can imagine the press pictures now. except the girl has no face. only seunggi. haha

    tishi. it should be a big company since they’re both A listers. so you want a wonbin-min ah kind of CF lots of versions. and seqeul like. i can imagine the press attention that the product will receive because of their endorsers OO__OO and i guess there will be lots of staff-accounts saying that they’re match made in heaven. hoyi chemistry is just exploding. and you’re right there they just compliment each other. both think so deep.

    • Mmn, a shopping mall CF or even VisitKorea will be good, though they tend to use idol groups for their CFs. A cellphone company can work, too. But I find series CF for phone companies a bit old (I enjoyed Kim Tae Hee, Daniel Henney and Hyun Bin’s CFs though.) I can totally imagine a whole series of CFs for the two of them, so I hope advertisers in Korea take heed (puh-lease!).
      everydei, OMO, then I hope that if he ends up with a celebrity in the future, they’ll be like Sean and Jung Hye Young. Totally IN LOVE and very charitable. (Hello, Hoyi couple? Can you hear me?) I agree that it should be someone that we won’t be too jealous of, but whoever Seung-gi loves, his fans will love her, too, I’m sure.

  16. Ann, MGIAG trended here in the Philippines via Twitter yesterday.



    We Filipino Airens are so happy about it. Although we were a bit disappointed that a lot were not able to watch because they did not put it on the primetime slot of ABSCBN (6-11pm). But still…really proud that Daewoong and Miho are a hit here!

    • yeah. i’m also wondering why they put “I am Legend” on the primetime slot. honestly, i’m not that interested in watching it. Ha ha!

      BUT, let us hope MGIG would still have good ratings because teens like us are on a vacation and that’s a plus factor! :) they will watch it. and of course me too, in order to support them. :D

      good thing they always show MGIG commercials. :D

      • I’m boycotting that show (IAL) hahaha! We messaged ABSCBN, but I guess, we weren’t convincing enough. I’m at work when MGIAG is airing, so I make do with live streaming. Even though I’ve already watched it. Hahaha!
        The two of them promoting it here will be daebak. REALLY DAEBAK!

  17. @lsgfan yeah! they should really promote it. and its kinda unfair hearing about them promoting MGIG airing in Japan while they won’t here in the Philippines. Haha. If they do, I know lots of Filipinos are going to welcome them, including me, BIG TIME!

    i hope seunggi will have a concert here. T___T and min ah will be one of his guest. :”> i would really watch it!

  18. Are you serious???!!! I am Legend over MGIG?! Really, doesn’t even compare! I love Kim Jung Eun and all, but Hoi Couple trumps that other drama altogether! It’s okay… the buzz will help.

    yeah K-entertainment, even though it’s popular in a lot of Asia, it’s still small overall, so they have to go where the big markets are, meaning, where the money’s at (japan) and where there are a gazillion people to become potential fans (china)!

    I need to see my Hoi Couple together (not Seunggi-Minah per se!) again soon!!!! Miss them! And honestly, objectively, I saw the first 2 eps of the new Hong Sisters drama and I don’t feel the chemistry or tug to the drama (like we did with MGIG). And i like CSW and GHJ.

    • hmm. i see… that’s why… Can’t blame them, its business out there. Ha ha!

      really? where did you watch it? (wait i’ll search about it. haha.) ~~ just found out that the title is “The Greatest Love” what’s it all about? i don’t know the lead roles. Haha! they look old. =))

      oh oh, i know GHJ! wikipedia sys min ah and her are best freinds in real life! cuute! :”>

    • Yeah, it’s true. We were so frustrated with them, but they wouldn’t listen. Not only that, but IAL is aired the same time Secret Garden is aired at their rival network. Ohwell. Miami’s right, it’s business out here.

      “The Greatest Love” or “Best Love” was that one series that was rumored to be Seung-gi’s follow-up drama. It was hit by plagiarism rumors, so I’m glad he pulled out on that one. But I find the two funny. Although very AWKWARD. Since I’m more used to seeing CSW in manly action-star roles.

      • yeah, I’ve read that too (seunggi being their lead role for their upcoming new drama) oh? well, I am glad too. Haha! Specially that they are really taking good care of Seunggi’s image. =))

        aww. this is my first time to be really really addicted to Kdrama which is our MGIG. That’s why I was not able to watch many Korean shows. I don’t know many of K actors at all. T___T

        Tishi, I bet that you’re a Filipino too. So please tell me where you watch those Korean shows. :)

        how bout you admin, lsgfan, are you a Korean? :)

  19. @tishi. meeee tooo! i watched it. ha ha! but i’m starting to dislike the way they dubbed it. its weird or am i just used watching them speaking in korean. =))

    aww. i wish ABS-CBN would hear our prayers. IAL, i think, won’t be a big hit. HAHAHA.

    gosh! where is seunggi & min ah now? they should really go here, i would love to see them in person. :”>

  20. yes, Korean, which meant growing up with the tv on korean channels 24-7! hahaha.

    All this spazzing from you guys is keeping me alert! Thanks!!!! ok before I get back to my VERY long late night of major work I’m supposed to be doing…

    here’s 2 previous posts about the LSG and new Hong sis drama. I was totally pissed off at the way the drama production handled the rumors. Seunggi basically gave them free press and buzz for a few days! but I’m SO glad he didn’t do it. one hong sis drama is enough!



    And i’m actually glad MGIG is not up against Secret Garden. That was definitely the hit drama of last year.

  21. Yup, true-blue Filipina =)

    I usually watch at Viki and Dramacrazy. For 1N2D, I watch at channel 78 on Sky Cable.

    Oh, Ann, you’re so lucky to have Korean channels on the TV 24/7. I can’t wait to visit Korea!

    Yeah, that’s the only good thing that resulted from ABSCBN not putting MGIAG on primetime.

  22. @lsgfan. HAHA! i want to learn how to speak your language so that even with no subs i can understand korean shows. :) is that possible? =))

    wanna go to Korea someday. :D

    oh, tishi. really? ate siguro kita. 17 years old pa lang po ako eh. taga saan po kayo? I’m from Mariveles, Bataan.

  23. Hahaha. Natawa ako. Although we might be flooding their inboxes right now, so maybe we can talk somewhere else. =) Are you a member of the Airen PH forum? Sali ka, let’s spazz there =)

    • haha. kaya nga. =))

      kakaresearch ko lang kung ano un, mukang all about seunggi rin. but i can’t find the exact site for me to sign up. please send me the link. :)

      **just joined the airen ph on facebook. :>

  24. hello Ann I just wanna say thanks for your post it’s was greet and I’m happy that LSG have a number of minah Now I’m totally in love Of MGIAG. When i saw on tv abs-cbn commercials it am so exited to see but the time slot is different it’s 9:am in the morning but it’s OK am always updating at you tube… I’m a little sad and jealous because i really want Seunggi and minah become a real couple someday.. but even they become a real cuople I’m happy for they be a GOOD FRIEND… thanks again…
    FORM:I <3 hoi hoi couple :) kumaptah..

  25. I’m so glad MGIG is getting SO MUCH LOVE in the Philippines! Yay! Would love to see Hoi Couple promote the drama together. But seems highly unlikely since they’re both so busy. :(

    I thought it was showing on abs-cbn in the evenings. it’s at 9am? Do you know how the tv ratings were?

    • It’s shown during the afternoons, Ann. 4:40 here in the Philippines. It’s head to head with “Temptation of Wife” in the rival station. It’s hard to beat “TOW’s” ratings since it has so many viewers and it was shown first than MGIAG, like how MGIAG shown in Korea went head to head with Baker King. But as of May 19 last week the ratings are:

      My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (12.0%) vs. Temptation Of Wife (14.0%)

      cr: http://www.starmometer.com/2011/05/21/100-days-to-heaven-and-minsan-lang-kita-iibigin-vie-for-no-1-nationwide/#more-32085

      • oooh. nice! Yay for MIGIG!!~ TOW had great ratings in Korea too. I heard the storyline was really sensational ad addictive. so good for MGIG for being competitive.

        We need a sequel! or better yet a MOVIE (with Seunggi and minah!) I need to see adorable hoi couple married with little hoi hoi kids running around!

  26. Yes, I saw the growth of MGIAG’s ratings at some sites, TOW was like 16.0% or something like that. And MGIAG was 5.0% or something when it first aired. But now the ratings are improving. Thank heavens they showed it during summer here. Hahaha.

    A movie would be nice. A sequel’s better. Maybe they’ll give Miho her wish to be married and “mate!”

  27. for me it’s still SMA should get the spot for lee seung gi’s future wife..hahahah

  28. SHI MIN AH all the way.,.,.my gosh,.,.,their chemistry is sooooooooooooooamazingly fantastic,.,I’ve never been this addictive,.,

  29. nice one hah!youre so cute talaga

  30. i love ♥YOONG GI♥ couple

    snsd yoona and lee seung gi

  31. @LSGfan-hi just wanna know what episode # on Strong Heart yoona appeared?(the picture you posted above..^_^) thanks!

  32. toi rat thich anh lee seung gi , anh ay la than tuong toi yeu quy nhat, toi cam thay anh ay rat thich yoona va toi hy vong anh ay co the den voi yoona , va ho se dep doi va hanh phuc lam

  33. what about the “gu family book”both of them are cute to be watched as couple in real life, i mean suzy and seung gi…

  34. i thought lee seung gi`s girlfriend is min ah

  35. how i wish that instead of Yoona, Shin min ah should be the one dating Seung gi oppa. -_-

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