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Seunggi, Hyunjoong, Yunho talk birth order and Teuk, Yunho, Seunggi on comic bookstore overdue fees on Strong Heart

VIDEO~  Yunho –> (HYUNG) –> Hyunjoong –> (FRIEND) –> Seunggi

HD:  When is your birthday?
YH:  1986.02.06
KHJ:  1986.06.06
LSG:  1987.01.13, I’m an early year birthday, so with Hyunjoong I’m…
KHJ:  Friends… (LOL!)
YH:  I’m like that with the 1985ers.
LSG:  But there’s only 4 months difference between you two.
KHJ:  That’s okay! Because when Seunggi, me, and Yunho hyung eat out, definitely Yunho hyung would have to pay!!

(Video: Tryp96;  English: LSGfan)

I always LOVE Seunggi interacting with other peer guys.  Loved this whole thing between Hyunjoong, Yunho, and Seunggi!  Especially since he’s like always around older people.  You really got the sense he lets loose when he’s around friends like on the 1N2D Friends Special and when he talked drinking with friends on Come to Play!

I typically tend to be into model, chiseled looking guys like Hyunjoong, but you know how it is, once you get to know Seunggi, it’s like ALL OVER because he’s so freaking adorable and just awesome in everything!  He really is Korea’s prince for sure!

Also, I TOTALLY think Hyunjoong was referring to Seunggi when he was asked about CFs on Night is Night variety show this week.  I saw the episode and he didn’t name the person but MCs all seemed to get it.  Hyunjoong has a lot of CFs, but the MCs ask if there are any CFs other people do that he wishes he could do…

There are a lot. I’m not envious because of the type of CF. There are people who always film this type of CF. And I completely envy them. All these people come out first. Not celebrities, just regular people. And then at the end, this person comes out and laughs and waves. [Everyone nods and knows exactly what he’s talking about!]

[MCs ask if there is a particular CF he has wanted to do~] Yes, there is one I’ve longed after. A public relations, public service campaign CF.  When I see these persons doing public relations for our country, I’m thinking those advertisements pretty much means the person is representing our country.

(English: LSGfan)

Koreans love to pit people against each other, which I can’t stand so I really liked this recent KBS morning show rivaling Seunggi-Hyunjoong’s different charms because they were saying that good friendly rivalries make people better…

VIDEO~  Rivals:  Seunggi vs Hyungjoong (LSG cut only)

Seunggi has a sincere image, wanted as their real-life hyung, want to take him home.  Hyunjoong has a pale face, sincere image, want to marry him.  A look at their charms. 

1) Seunggi says his friend teased him after his debut song came out saying~ Is this a joke?!  hahaha.  Seunggi succeeds as a singer, aces variety shows, and then starts to make waves in acting.  Seunggi is the best!  Each of his dramas have great tv ratings and he has CFs for all the popular brands.  He has a hold of all 4 areas! His sincere and cute image is one of his best charms. 

2) Heodang Lee Seunggi coined by Kim C.  Also showing other side like when he fell in the ice pond.  To Hodong~ What’s your deal?! And Seunggi showing his serious game-face gleam in his eyes before the soccer match against the staff, but then cracking up!  And then on top of that, he’s also great in sports!  His confidence is incredibly charming!

These 2 guys are similar deep inside…  Seunggi freaks out about his face getting too tan; thus his obsession with suncream!  For Hyunjoong, he has major dark circle issues if he doesn’t take care of his skin! 

Both of them are really charming! Similar but receiving love for varying charms, Seunggi and Hyunjoong, we hope for a good rivalry that will only make you all better and more loved in the coming years!

(video: Leeseunggiworld;  English: LSGfan)

So funny, both guys are still obsessed with their skin!  Hyunjoong was saying on Night is Night that his face has gotten darker over the years because he’s been playing a lot of soccer outside.  And that he was worried but with the popularity of darker-skinned Cha Seung Won, he feels okay about it!  And we all know of Seunggi’s obsession with his suncream!

Seriously, I hate to make people all sad already, but really… I can’t believe all these guys will be going away for 2 years for military service in a few years!  OMG.  I just want them to all go around the same time since all the same age!

Although, I kind of like how HyunBin is doing his military service (in the Navy) not as an entertainer but just as a regular Korean citizen.  Whereas, a lot of the celebs chill with other other celebs.  So I don’t know, maybe Seunggi will be the type that would want to do his military service more as a regular guy too.  Well, 4 years of merciless 1N2D and PD Na treatment will have him in top form!

And another Strong Heart cut that was HILARIOUS…  Love it!!!!~~~

VIDEO~  Super Junior, Yunho, Seunggi all banished from same comic bookstore!

YH:  [Had told a story about going undercover to a comic bookstore when store owner mistook him to be a Super Junior member~] Well, I found out Super Junior had amassed $100 (USD) in overdue fines! So I ended up having to take all the blame!
LSG:  By any chance… is the comic bookstore named Sohn-Oh-Gong?
YH:  How did you know that?!
(OMG, Yunho so shocked! Teuk busts out laughing!)
LSG:  I was banished from there too! [Hahaha!]
(Caption: Uhm-chin-ah Seunggi banished from a comic bookstore!)
LSG:  That’s the store?!
YH:  In the Jungnam area.
LSG:  Yes, next to the pharmacy.
(Caption: The connection among the 3 that were banished!)
HD:  The owner probably isn’t feeling too happy towards singers!

(Video: Tryp96; English: LSGfan)

See more recaps and LSG video cuts under~ Strong Heart.

(Images:  LSGfan, Korean Press;  Videos:  As Labeled)

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5 Responses

  1. The last vid of the comic incident was harilous!!! they were all to cute and funny!!

  2. OMFG!!!! So funny! I love them all so much! Strong Heart is best show for idols!

  3. wonder how does Seung Gi find the time to even go to a comic bookstore…. haha… we have 24hours a day, but looks like he has 48hours… he can still do so many things though he is busy….

    i like this kind of interaction whereby some unknown stuff are revealed in Strong Heart..

  4. Why am I SO obsessed with how Seunggi interacts with other ppl or vice-versa?! I love these clips! maybe b/c we NEVER get to see him really interacting with other ppl aside from his hyungs or others that HOOK okays! hahaha. but we know based on Come to play, per Teacher Sunhee, that LSG hangs with his school friends a lot. totally love that he prefers to be closer w/ more non-celeb friends actually.

    i love that he’s not one of of those let me upload pics of me and anther celeb on twitter and make it look like we’re best friends when in fact we just met!

    Guests I need to see on Strong Heart before LSG ever leaves~~ Han Hyo Joo, Bae Soo Bin, Kim Ha Neul, Choi Ji Woo, Seunggi’s manager/friend! and don’t hate me… but Yoona needs to come back on! always makes for fun!

  5. Seung gi is sooooooooo cute and adorable. I really enjoy seeing him interacting with others. He’s awesome!

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