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2011 Asia Song Festival: Lee Seunggi, U-Kiss tweets photo with Sunbaenim, and SNSD Yoona shows respect

*** My bad!  LSGfan is just like Seunggi = Me is Heodang! ***
Original title [2011 Asia Song Festival: Seunggi, U-Kiss tweets, and Yoona] changed!

[October 15, 2011]  Asia Song Festival.  Thought Seunggi would debut his new single ‘Time for Love’.  I guess a high-profile event broadcast all over Asia is not the best place to try out your song publicly for your first time!  I was kind of hoping for a surprise guest showing by Kim Yuna for ‘Smile Boy.’  She and Seunggi need to sing their song together just once live!

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Teuk-Eunhyuk give shoutout to Seunggi singing hilarious rendition of Because You’re My Woman! [SuKiRa, 07.11.2011]

(Video: ELF13km)

Eunhyuk: Because You’re my Woman. Are you listening, Lee Seunggi? [Hahaha]
Teuk: Lee Seunggi? Who’s Lee Seunggi? [Hahaha]
Eunhyuk: Seunggi-yah. [Hahaha] I’m your friend.

(EunTeuk sing passionate hilarious version of Seunggi’s song! OMG! Eunhyuk throws in some rap and Teuk keeps shouting out “yah” to address the noona in the song! *Dying*)

EunTeuk: You’re My Woman. I’m going to go crazy. Don’t cry. I’ll call you “nuh!” Yah! Seems, we got too into the song. We’ll go to commercial. [Hahaha]

English: LSGfan

[kka~ this is for you!] OMG.  More EunTeuk love shout-outs to Seunggi!  I’m SO loving this budding bromance following their lunch out together!~ Can’t get enough of this…

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk radio-talk eating out with Seunggi for the first time ever! [SuKiRa, 6.22.2011]

(video: Tiam062)

This SuKiRa (Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio) clip is SO daebak!  Their giddiness and nervousness is too cute!  Check out what Leeteuk and Eunhyuk said about Seunggi…

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Seunggi, Hyunjoong, Yunho talk birth order and Teuk, Yunho, Seunggi on comic bookstore overdue fees on Strong Heart

VIDEO~  Yunho –> (HYUNG) –> Hyunjoong –> (FRIEND) –> Seunggi

HD:  When is your birthday?
YH:  1986.02.06
KHJ:  1986.06.06
LSG:  1987.01.13, I’m an early year birthday, so with Hyunjoong I’m…
KHJ:  Friends… (LOL!)
YH:  I’m like that with the 1985ers.
LSG:  But there’s only 4 months difference between you two.
KHJ:  That’s okay! Because when Seunggi, me, and Yunho hyung eat out, definitely Yunho hyung would have to pay!!

(Video: Tryp96;  English: LSGfan)

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2010 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 and Top 10 Lists

The annual Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 list is out.  Seunggi moved up from his 2009 #7 ranking to #4 in 2010. He was also ranked #1 in two of the Top 10 Celebrity Rankings by Field/Sector, (#1 Actor Searched Online and #1 CF Star).  Congrats to Seunggi!!  See which K-celebrities made the cut.  See full lists…