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Seunggi expresses gratitude, hints at “surprising news,” and shows us Seoul in Times Square [Letter to fans, June 2011]

This post is dedicated to Seunggi fangirl Tryp96 who seems to exist without needing sleep!  We decided she deserved a break, even if it be a small translating one…!

June 21, 2011
It’s been such a long time~!!!!!

Message from Seunggi.
(Source: Tryp96 via leeseunggi.com;  English: LSGfan)

So happy to see you Airens. How long has it been…?ㅋ
It was a rarity for quite a while~♪

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post everyday, acting as if I’ve been busy.
Sadly, I am computer illiterate…

I hope you all know that there are so many things I was thankful for during that time, even though I don’t mention everything one by one. Most recently, I’m thankful and grateful to all the Airens who joined together in the 7th year [debut anniversary].

From the elaborate staff lunches… the remarkable charity donation… and even my presents! The way to best express my gratitude is …………….
Probably to post messages more regularly..???ㅋㅋ

I don’t know if I’ll be able to meet your standards, but I will work a little harder so I can learn to even attach photos ㅋ

I will cherish the gifts all of you gave me and will use them well~!! I can be an early adopter?ㅋ [early adopter is someone who buys and tries out new products/gadgets before everyone else] The comic books will help develop my imagination… And I will wear the socks for 2 nights and 3 days ㅋㅋ

It seems that the sweltering summer is forthcoming. I think I’ve been resting too much these days because my body is achy… A true workaholic?????
It seems I only played sports and worked out while I was resting..ㅋ

In order to show all of you some new aspect of myself during the latter part of this year, all our family members [meaning Hook staff members] are working extremely hard. Please wait just a little bit longer. The person who wants to do a new album or drama the most is probably me… It would be great if something gets finalized and is revealed to you through surprising news^^

Always be happy, and let’s continue together!
I love you…♡

June 21, 2011
Oh and one more thing!

The Airen executive officers and team [for leeseunggi.com fanclub] have been decided.  Although this was determined earlier on, I’m relaying this message now.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part and were elected.^^
Honestly, it must have not not been an easy decision to make.  I want to say thank you again to our elected team members who are working to support me during their own spare time.

I leave myself in your care!! (bows)

And also to those who were not elected, I am thankful to all of you since your hearts are also of the same mind.

I put myself in your care from hereon as well^^

The Airen fanclub and all the executive team~ Fighting!!!!!!!!!♡

p.s. As my heart brims with love and gratitude, I’m attaching one photo!

(image: Airen Philippines via leeseunggi.com)

I think we all know what the “surprising news” will be?!

Seunggi seems to post messages a little bit prior to some big news breaking!

Hint Hint~~~~ Maybe….????

[EDIT:  Per Tryp96, looks like rumor is just rumor still.]

The rumor already recapped at: Tryp96:  Seunggi to star in new KBS drama?

And the photo of Seunggi in the heart of Times Square holding up the SEOUL travel billboard ad~~~ OMG.  Love it!  Holding out his hand… SO Korean to take that sort of photo! I’m SO glad he got to take in some sights and see parts of the CITY during his NYC Carnegie Hall guest performance.

See more messages from Seunggi under the green “Letters” tab at the top.

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5 Responses

  1. Yey! Thank you, Ann!

  2. wow… what good news to start my day today… Ive seen this message yesterday @tryp96 and been requesting for translation (I havent seen her link to this site prior today!!!) and im so happy to be able to understand what’s his message… I hope he gets to post messages if not everyday, atleast once in a week. And I hope you will translate for us who are not Koreans… Many Thanks and keep it up!!!!

  3. Ann, thanks so much for the translations! I sent you a couple of emails. ^^

  4. thanks for translating the post^^

  5. thanks Ann!

    Even in writing, you can see that he has a sense of humor too.. haha…

    I just hope & pray that the drama character is something that he has not done before. just an ordinary guy in a middle or low income family, do not want his character to be from a rich family again..

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