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Seunggi & Minjung in matching Kolon Sport jackets

Fan photos of Seunggi on the set of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho surfaced last week and they were a hit online because netizens were saying that it seemed more like a fashion photo shoot.  There was also a lot of interest because there was one shot of a napping Seunggi. (He must be so tired these days!)  Anyway, the photos became a bigger deal when Lee MinJung (Seunggi’s CF partner for Kolon Sport) uploaded the above photo of her in a similar jacket while she was in Canada…

And because netizens in Korea have nothing better to do with their time (!), someone posted these separate photos of Seunggi and Minjung both in similar Kolon Sport jackets indicating that the two were sending signals to one another… ha ha ha!  Yeah right!

More photos of Seunggi at twitter.com/kolonsport

And Kolon Sport has jumped on the SeungGi and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho wagon and they’re highlighting SeungGi and his drama on their website:

Didn’t like the jacket so much when I saw the fan photos, but after checking out the jacket details, I totally love it!  Even more than the one MinJung was sporting… See more details on Seunggi and the jacket at the Kolon Sport website.

I’m so glad that we’ll be done with summer soon and fall fashion is already here!  And Kolon Sport has already started running newspaper ads of Seunggi-Minjung in fall/winter gear from their recent New Zealand photoshoot…

Can’t wait to see official Behind-the-Scenes video for the New Zealand fashion shoot.  We got a small peek when Entertainment Relay did an interview with MinJung last week.  There was no interview with Seunggi but a lot of clips of the two filming the upcoming cf.  I’m assuming KBS is not allowed to interview Seunggi while his SBS drama is running, the exception being only if it’s tied to 1n2d?!

But they did ask her about Seunggi (See English translation of few lines)…

Entertainment news cut on the set of Kolon Sport CF filming
I: I heard that you got to film with a very awesome partner?
LMJ: Yes, Lee Seung Gi sshi.
Caption: Awesome partner~ Lee Seung Gi.
I: A wonderful love story with awesome partner Lee Seung Gi..

 (cr: tryp96 tumblr)

See more photo/video posts about Kolon Sport endorsement:

(photo cr: Nate; Kolon Sport)

2 Responses

  1. i love these fanphotos of Seunggi in this jacket the moment i saw them and had hope that this is the sign of Dae Woong sporting a much cooler & hotter style in coming episodes, only to be knocked down by his latest sewed shirt *sigh*

    anyway LOL at k-netizens’ LSG-LMJ sending signal’ :D

    i’ve always been hoping to see these two in a drama together though.

  2. Seung Gi oppa was just sitting quietly, waiting for the shoot but his long legs make it seems like a photoshoot! :)

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