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[ENG] Healing Camp – Lee Sun Hee feat. Lee Seung Gi ①

(videos: lovelyclover)

April 7, 2014 SBS Healing Camp – Lee Sun Hee feat. Lee Seung Gi.  Yay, ENG subbed video from the amazing lovelyclover!  Wow, the entire first episode!
Thanks lc~~ Seunggi is seriously the best~~ why we all love and admire him!

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Lee Seunggi – Lee Minjung for Kolon Sport winter holidays

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Seunggi & Minjung outdoorsy glam for F/W 2012 Kolon Sport

Original photo prints posted at Kolon Sport facebook F/W Down Collection album.  Can’t get enough of these photos!!  Seunggi – Minjung both look ‘smoking hot!’  Great way to showcase their Down Collection… outdoorsy stylish casual wear with glamor mixed in.  Female fashion can’t help but be way more interesting than male stuffs~ I would so wear all of Minjung’s outfits! Hope there’s a making video to go with this!  There’s sorta a common concept matching the LSG and LMJ looks into pair sets…

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Kolon Sport F/W never ever disappoints [2012 CF + Making]

Kolon Sport fall/winter CFs are never ever a letdown!  They continue to do such great marketing, concept branding…  refreshing music, gorgeous backdrop, Seunggi’s smile @0:24~~~!!!  Super excited for winter!  Can’t wait to hit the slopes this season!

CF Making: Kolon Sport F/W 2012 Collection.  All the laughing @0:24 @0:35 @0:45 – like it!  Hope they can still work together (even after Minjung eventually weds LBH!)

What Seunggi and Minjung had to say about the F/W clothes…

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A Gentleman’s Dignity ep 20: Surprise song-dance proposal set to Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Will you Marry me’

OMG, this is freaking awesome!  Seunggi’s ‘Will you Marry Me’ has become THE Nation’s proposal song, for sure!  It’s appeared in various dramas since premiering on Brilliant Legacy, and recently showed up on KBS Big, ep 1.  But now, it just got MAJOR air time for key proposal scene in SBS A Gentleman’s Dignity final ep 20!!  Surprise song-dance proposal… and English translation of DoJin-YiSoo’s talk…

(video: DramaSBS)

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Kolon Sport summer couple look from SeungGi – MinJung

Love all the stylish outdoorsy and regular-wear stuff from Kolon Sport, but let’s avoid the zany mis-matched part-solid, part-striped patterned jacket stuff, and stick with the less is more conceps, like the awesome subtle, less-is-more looks and the layered jacket and hoodie looks…

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Seunggi’s Style Book – Kolon Sport 2012 S/S interactive site

A very cool Kolon Sport 2012 S/S Season Collection interactive site with goodies from the recent photo shoot, downloads, BTS video, at kolonsport.com/collection/index.jsp.  Just click on the orange bar to enter the site and access multimedia features…

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