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BTS video of Kolon Sport fashion shoot

Behind-the-Scenes video for Kolon Sport photo shoot is out and the background scenery is gorgeous!  To be expected with it being Jejudo Island.  But wish it was bright and sunny rather than overcast weather…

(cr: leeseunggi01)

Anyway, really like the vibe of the BTS video, but SeungGi and MinJung are soooooo looking like they are feeling seriously awkward…  I’m guessing they had met for the first time that day, but still.  It doesn’t even look like they said one word to one another during the shoot!  Reminds of the awkwardness between Seunggi and Go EunAh for their first Edwin photo shoot; and now they look so comfortable together… so hopefully that’ll happen with LSG and LMJ too.

See previously posted BTS photos of the Kolon Sport shoot HERE.

One Response

  1. I think they did talk to each other when they were at the tent except it looks like LMJ is more shy then LSG.. She don’t ever dare to look at LSG when they were talking. Maybe she has a crush on him also. haha!
    Who won’t?

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