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CEO SeungGi, LSG sighting at Kolon Sport central

(cr: twitter)

In addition to the photo shoot from a few months back, looks like Kolon Sport and Seunggi have some more stuff in the works.  A Kolon Sport employee uploaded some pix to her twitter and commented:  “Kolon Sport model Lee Seung Gi just showed up at the main headquarters office and it’s total chaos here at the company ㅋㅋ He’s stylish and cool!”

More photos from her twitter…

Photos below look like Kolon was having Seunggi look at some merchandise…

Looking all business, Seunggi looks totally at ease in this environment!

(cr: DClsg; Cyworld)

And below, a collection of photos from his visit.  Looks kind of official in some of these photos, especially the first one… Can’t read what it says in the poster in the background.  Perhaps there will be some official press release about it soon?  
and looks like he’s signing something… again!!!  maybe just an in-house fan? :)

(cr: DClsg; tryp96@soompi)

(photo cr: DClsg)

Liking that cody didn’t totally put Seunggi in a formal suit, but still can’t stand it when s/he continually chooses to put him in these high-collared shirts… but am just totally thrilled about the relaxed stylish suit and hairdo! All business Seunggi is looking super stylish and good!!!

2 Responses

  1. With those style,seunggi looks like a sucsess young bussinisman..
    Always proud of u..
    Hwaiting seunggiyaa..

  2. ya! he really carry himself so well in the business environment even though it is just pix. but he just look so outstanding and humble.

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