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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (August 24, 2010): Seunggi challenges Hodong, has to do aegyo dance

August 24, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
8- SBS Strong Heart = 14.6% (Seoul = 16.2%)
12- MBC PD Notebook = 10.7%
* KBS Win Win = 7.9% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
4- SBS Strong Heart = 17.7% (Seoul = 18.4%)
13- MBC PD Notebook = 9.6%
* KBS Win Win = (not in top 20)

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; StarNews)

Scroll to bottom for previous ratings…

I absolutely love PD Park, especially for being such a Seunggi fanboy and totally supporting all things Seunggi, but I still wonder what PD Park is thinking when they edit each episode. I know it’s typical korean variety show fare to throw in as many captions as possible, play out the usual celeb stereotypes, focus on only certain celebs, and above all… reaction reaction reaction.  But can’t that be done without feeling like it’s  forced or totally sliced and diced?!  Granted, not every show has the luxury of an amazing 1n2d editorial staff, but still?!  I seriously cringed every time they threw in unrelated 3-second cuts of 2pm’s Junho laughing hysterically.  Poor guy.

Perhaps PD Park does that to make up for not airing those guests’ stories, but then why not decrease the number of guests?  That’s been the ongoing rallying cry from both fans and non-fans alike.  Also, I double cringed every time an obviously exhausted, bored looking 4Minute HyunA appeared in the screen shot.  The show made the veteran gagman and gagwoman the key guests by seating them front and center but then placed HyunA right behind, in between the two; so HyunA’s not-so-enthusiastic expressions were on display throughout!  But is it her fault that she as a rookie was seated that way and had to sit through a 12-hour Strong Heart recording and is probably exhausted from being overworked by her management?!

Hodong, please… no more lovelines just for the heck of it! When it’s relevant and there’s already been a lot of ongoing buzz about it then it’s hilarious when it’s talked about on the show.  Otherwise, it’s getting a little old.  Like, was the Seunggi-Son Dambi moment necessary or relevant?  I don’t think Seunggi cares for it much anymore either but plays along because he respects his hyung.  Also the same with Jung YongHwa-Hwang Bora love stare moment.

I know Hodong just can’t resist his Love Letter show days, but I just wish he would stop.  The viewers want to learn new stories about the guests and I just love it when in typical Hodong fashion, he can get them to spill their guts about stories never shared!  But please Hodong, spare us the love stare showdowns and irrelevant lovelines.  Like the Seunggi-Chaeyon story a few eps back was relevant, as was the Seunggi-Minah storyline. And even the Taec-Yoona story was interesting to hear what they had to say since there had already been a lot of gossip/buzz, so it was important to clear the air.  But otherwise, please no more just for the heck of it.

Even still, Seunggi-Hodong~ still the best MC combo on tv! :)

Ok, as this is an LSG fan blog… Seunggi-Hodong showdown moment…
Here’s the video cut.  Their expressions say it all.

(cr: tryp96 tumblr; DClsg)

Son Dambi just finished telling a sentimental story about how people misunderstand and think she’s an overnight sensation.  She said she had two songs prior to her hit song “Crazy” that received no love and she’s worked really hard to get to this point.

Per usual, Hodong jumps in to share one of his touchy-feely, sentimental words of wisdom. Hodong says “Do you know why the clock always has a round shape?”  And everyone’s like no, and then Seunggi looks at his watch and says “But my watch has a square face.”  Everyone laughs.  Hodong pretends to be upset because Seunggi spoiled the potential heartfelt moment.

So Seunggi and everyone begs Hodong to continue his wisdom story.  But Hodong says he will only continue if Seunggi dances!  So of course Seunggi obliges and does a cute little aegyo number and warns Hodong that if his words of wisdom are not that deep then Hodong has to dance.  Ok. Hodong starts sharing and gagman Shin JungHwan lets out a loud sigh indicating that Hodong’s story is boring. Everyone starts to laugh and chants that Hodong should dance, and so he does.

The final Kang Shim Jang winner ~ Kim JungAh…

She’s so beautiful inside and out.  Her story about hitting rock bottom and finding the confidence to bounce back (a fave topic among Korean celebs) was really touching.  And how good things happened at the right time… Her boyfriend, LeeSang’s Gil is seriously one lucky guy!  I love the down-to-earth JungAh and respect her even more for dating a guy like Gil! LOL.

See high quality BTS photos of all the guests at Strong Heart PhotoDiary.
Guests included:  CN Blue Jung YongHwa, After School Gahee; 2am JinWoon; Son Dambi; 2pm Junho; 2pm Chansung; singer/actress Kim JungAh; and others.

Next week’s ep should be pretty epic ~~ Se7en’s going to be on!!

Read about last week’s episode: Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (August 17, 2010)

August 17, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
4- SBS Strong Heart = 17.3% (Seoul = 18.3%)
* KBS Win Win = 6.2% (not in top 20)
* MBC PD Notebook broadcast did not air.

TNS Media
3- SBS Strong Heart = 19.3% (Seoul = 19.9%)
* KBS Win Win = 7.0% (not in top 20)
* MBC PD Notebook broadcast did not air.

Ratings for all previous weeks:

4 Responses

  1. Thank you you said all that was in my heart
    I love the show but the editing sucks,and the guest sometimes they show them laughing like crazy for something not that funny.they really have to do something for the editing part its spoiling the show.

  2. looks like my badly put together college assignment…lol, why does the second part of kang shim jang always had low rating than the first? It was kinda dragging at the second right…but its where real stories supposed to comes out…but it would be less funnier than the previous…thats why sebakwi has better ratings as of late…

  3. Hi do you have the link for those cuts on yt because im using mobile,only yt videos work on it thank you.

  4. most seunggi fans are no longer uploading sh and 1n2d cuts on to YT b/c they’ve become really strict and are suspending accounts left and right! but you can find the cuts a few days afterwards on dailymotion.

    also, if you check the soompi lee seung gi thread, fans usually post the todou links for SH, 1n2d, and MGIG there.

    as for sebakwi – some say they have high ratings b/c they have a lot of ajumma/ajusshi fans watching– the show has a more down home feel and more elderly panelists (in addition to the younger few idol guests) while Strong heart a more glitzy, idol-focused, celeb actor feel. the quiz part and having the guests call a close celeb friend is a popular corner of the show… and koreans just love competition and quiz games!

    we’ve known time and time again — kpop idols — as popular as they are online and in making the news… they usually have little impact on high tv ratings.

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