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Kolon Sport releases first LSG-LMJ tv CF

Kolon Sport has been enticing Seunggi and Lee MinJung fans to its highbrow website, plastered with LSG-LMJ images, by incrementally releasing fashion shoot photos, events news, and behind the scenes video footage.  And now Kolon Sport has also released a 15 second tv cf.  And LSG and LMJ look so much more comfortable here compared to the Behind-the-Scenes video from the fashion shoot!  Either they quickly got comfortable really fast for the cf or they are both great actors! ha ha ha.

(cr: leeseunggi01)

And in an all out marketing blitz, in addition to all the online events giving away free stuff, Kolon Sport is also sponsoring a fan signing event with Seunggi on May 4th…

Kolon Sport is holding a Climbing Experience event on May 3rd giving people a chance to rock climb indoors.  Instructors will be there to guide the newbies, and the event is open to everyone and participants will get a souvenir afterwards.

Then, on the next day on May 4 (Tuesday) at 11am, there will be a SeungGi fan signing for 100 select people.  To be considered for the fan signing, netizens need to leave a msg on the Kolon Sport website between April 23~29.  The 100 names will be selected on the 30th.  Based on the fan signing event page dated 2010-04-22, looks like the msgs are already starting to fill up.  But what’s up with the fan signing being at 11am on a Tuesday???!!!

This is like the fourth fan signing in a span of a little over a month!  It’s like Seunggi fan signing every other week!  I like how Kolon is only choosing 100 ppl and selecting them ahead of time — this way there won’t be that crazy Edwin-cancelled-way-too-many-ppl-crowded situation!!!!  And by putting a cap at 100,  the fan signing still has a special, select feel to it!

Actually, would love to see LSG show up for the climbing experience event!  That would be a totally cool surprise!  I think this could really happen… would love to see photos of that!

More LSG-LMJ event photos from the Kolon Sport website

Maybe it’s just me, but feel like the LSG-LMJ photos are not consistent; like in some of them they look amazing and then in others they don’t even look like themselves.  Surprising since Kolon Sport website is so high quality and advanced.  Hoping the summer fashion shots are more consistent overall.

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