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Korean stars cheer for World Cup team via CFs

Koreans and our love for soccer… and CFs and celebs!  And the World Cup cheering campaign marketing is already out in full force from top companies and their CF star models. For example, in the (Chosun news) photo above:

– Kim Yuna, Big Bang, and rockers Transfixion for Homeplus Hyundai
– Lee Seung Gi for Pizza Hut
– 2am and Han Hyo Joo for Jambangee
– Jang Dong Gun and Shin Min Ah for some brand
– Lee Min Jung for Basic House

And it’s possible (not definite) that we may see another new SeungGi Pizza Hut CF…

Pizza Hut promo event ad

Kolon Industry World Cup promo event

And per BNTnews, Kolon Industry (Kolon Sport parent company) is sponsoring a World Cup event in which prizes will be given out every time superstar soccer athlete Park Ji Sung scores a goal!  Um, let’s just pile on more pressure, can we!!!! :) 

People will be able to register on the Kolon Industry homepage.  Prizes include Lee Seung Gi’s jacket, Uee’s hoodie, Kim Yuna’s shirt, and Park Ji Sung’s shirt!  Man, lucky fans living in Korea again! :(

I didn’t realize this, but Kolon Sport is just one of 20 brands under the larger parent company, Kolon Industry.  Check out the super stylish Kolon Industry website; just as nice as the Kolon Sport one.  Aside from its sporty brands, its got some serious to-die-for fashion names including Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, and John Varvatos

Park Ji Sung for Kolon Industry brand BRENTWOOD

Lee Seung Gi for Kolon Industry brand KOLON SPORT

Kim Yuna for Kolon Industry brand QUA

After School’s Uee for Kolon Industry brand HEAD

(photo creduts: MoneyToday)

I’ve said this a bunch of times before, but I never realized that this blog would include so much “endorsement” stuff!  I never imagined building up marketing and advertising expertise through blogging here!  LOL.

South Korea~~ Fighting!!!!

2 Responses

  1. Yes, they (Pizza Hat & Kolon Industr & LSG’ CF) should hire you as their PR. Hahaha.
    Oh include Hook Ent. too.

  2. Kim Yuna, Big Bang, and rockers Transfixion for Homeplus–
    I think it’s for Hyundai. The Homeplus CF was done by only Yuna and also with Samsung Hauzen Zero.

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