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Perioe Lee Seunggi collaboration limited edition toothpastes for GS Shop ‘#1 is Buying’ event

* Updated video

[Video] GS Shop home shopping – Lee Seunggi event

Perioe model Lee Seunggi and GS Shop meet.  Gifts personally chosen by Lee Seunggi, just for GS Shop customers.

LSG: 20 limited edition Perioe 46cm toothpastes. Don’t miss out! ‘#1 is Buying’~ Fighting!

English: LSGfan, Video: gsshoplive

Um, what exactly IS a limited edition toothpaste?!?!?!  Hope Seunggi got paid for his ‘unofficial’ endorsement of GS Shop~~!!! GS Shop 1 and GS Shop 2.

For the month of October, GS Shop is hosting a relay event with the catch phrase “#1 is Buying.” 

All of GS Shop TV, internet, and mobile will be taking part in a large-scale discount event which is held only twice a year, in May and October.  This time, GS Shop customers, who make a designated minimum purchase, will be eligible to win one of 20 limited edition Lee Seunggi collaboration Perioe 46cm toothpastes and 10 Perioe Easy Clinic toothbrushes special gifts.

GS Shop executive director, Kim HoSung stated, “As a company that has pioneered home shopping in Korea, we are holding this event to give our customers a top quality, #1 ranked product that has received a lot of love.”

via SportSeoul/Naver

LSG Effect~~ um but doesn’t  this kinda conflict with WeMap endorsement?!

More importantly, is GS Shop going to release more BTS from the collaboration?
Skinny black tie and white shirt look – always good!

But of course, Cody has to ruin things with this cardigan thingy…

Niiice ending to promo video~~~

More long-time-ago Seunggi images Perioe-photoshopped for this GS Shop event~~
omg, it’s like all the different hairstyles memory lane~~!!! LOLs.

Images: GS Shop, Fiesta

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