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Equalizer – Lee Seunggi X Heritory collaboration inspiration

The striped Heritory shirt enroute to Thailand was a fashion hit!  But I really love the concept and story behind the Lee Seunggi X Heritory Collaboration.  And the fact that LSG “participated in the planning and design of the products” makes it way more meaningful!  The concept is a perfect match and really thoughtful… I feel inspired!

Concept – “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality” (Yoko Ono)

Prior to collaboration, Heritory continuously targeted 25-34 year-olds.  From school to career, dating to marriage, friendships to rivalries, there is one thing that doesn’t change amidst all of this, and that is the “potential” within these people.  The opportunity to do the things you’ve dreamed of, the courage to start once again despite having failed!  This generation’s friend Seunggi and Heritory are rooting together for that big potential.

Motif – Equalizer

Equalizer: Adjusting the frequency of sound, a device used to make harmony from various tones.  Whether altering the various frequency tones quite freely or accentuating or diminishing certain sounds, this is a device that functions to produce an individualistic sound.

The equalizer is the standardization of tones, able to freely transform without standardizing and thus is similar to the potential of people.  The shape you want, the color you want, a youthful equalizer that causes you to transform yourself and this collaboration has been expressed from our heart’s content through varied stripes.

Focal Color – Light Lime Green

Lime green is a color that conveys a clean-cut quality and sincerity and ideally expresses the Happy Dream.  Also, among nature’s colors, there is a harmony that stems from the foundation of the green hue and the light feel expresses an individuality that stands out anywhere.

Heritory and Lee Seunggi are rooting for the hopefulness of stripes.

May the youth and hopefulness of stripes become stylish tones

to the young people with dreams,

Together, Heritory and Lee Seunggi passionately sing.

Now the whole equalizer, stripes, keyboard all make sense~~~~

Really love the motif and concept~~~  Matches so well with Seunggi.

(but seriously, why Korean branding/dramas NEVER bother to spell-check?!?!?!)

Think or Act.

Whatever you choose is fine.

Since that will soon be your story.

Make Your Story.

Meet the Equalizer of youth presented by Seunggi.

Niiiiiiiice.  It’s like Lee Seunggi = Equalizer.

LSG showcasing the shirt at the recent Heritory fan signing in Busan~~!  Nice.

English: LSGfan via Heritory
Images: Heritory, Twitter, Naver

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the translation, it’s a great concept.
    I didn’t notice the “stroy” part. Hopefully they fixed it.

  2. Dear Ann,
    I translated this wonderful piece into Chinese and put it here:
    Thanks so much!

    • Woot Woot! AnnMichelle?!
      Checked out the link post at Baidu! Nice.
      Airens are seriously the best~~!!!
      Heritory and Seunggi are a great match.

      • Dear Ann,
        In my last post I forgot to log in. Sorry.
        Yes, that post in Baidu got a ‘medal’ for its content (that red letter means Finest). Lots of responses (several China Airens bought the blue tee already and noticed the spelling error too). Thanks again for writing it up. Yeah, really like the whole concept of this collaboration.

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