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Secret to Seunggi’s dazzling smile – Perioe White Now

Hello. I am wonderful white smile Perioe model, Lee Seunggi. (LOLs. omg how did he keep a straight face saying that line!)  Happy to meet you. While using the White Now during filmings, it was really convenient. Using the teeth whitening toothpaste for brushing, for those who are busy, it’s very convenient. When you have an important schedule or event, you can use the booster. Like me, experience the effect it will have on your teeth like me with White Now teeth whitening.

Video: AirenVideo; English: LSGfan

Advertising 101~~~ Conveying trust is key.

So it makes sense why LSG is selective about what he endorses.

And whey he’s ranked among the top CF favorability for 5 straight freaking years.  Um, and mind you, that’s WITHOUT management agency press plays.  And even after he stopped variety program activities 2 years ago.

Seriously, I wonder what things would be like if his agency regularly put out press releases or leaked to the press like the others do?!  Ha, can’t even imagine Hook doing something like that!  I’ll give them credit for that one thing, even though they could put out a relevant, non-lame press release once in a while!

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