Seunggi is shocked too! for LG Perioe oral care

“Seunggi is shocked too… learning the fact, that your teeth dissipate each year!” Healthy teeth so important~ how can you resist THIS expression!!!  My fave Perioe print ad, thus far~~~!!!!  Omg, Seunggi’s shocked and worried expression really forces you to stock up on oral care products and make an appointment with your dentist!

Gu Family Book effect~~~~ Kangchi and Yeowool for LG healthcare.

Seunggi for Perioe and Suzy for On the Body.

KB did the same thing with Seunggi and Mina following My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  (Always miss Hoi Couple!)

According to industry insiders, the word on the street~~ Seunggi’s uncanny knack for raising the CF favorability and trustworthiness of his co-stars…. being connected to Seunggi has a positive, public favorability effect, consistently correlated over the years.

LG healthcare decides why not mash together ALL our CF stars~~~!!
Seunggi, Suzy, Kim Taehee, and is that Eugene? Moon Chaewon (wow, that looks nothing like her! I hate unnecessary, unnatural, overly photo-shopped stuffs!)  Would love to see Seunggi and Chaewon reunited in some capacity in the near future!

Images: LSG Thailand, Naver

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2 Responses

  1. That’s Moon Chae Won, they photoshop her a little too much.

    • Whoa~~~ thanks. Would never have guessed that’s MCW. made the correction. she’s too natural and pretty for overly photo-shopped stuffs like that.

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