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WeMakePrice (WeMap) – Lee Seunggi & Lee Seojin suit-up for 3rd anniversary message

[Video] WeMakePrice (WeMap) BTS and 3rd Anniversary Message

[Scenes from the hit, buzzed about comical WeMakePrice CF]

LSG:  It’s cheap~~!! LSJ:  It’s cheap~~!!

This is WeMap’s shopping prerogative!
The.Absolute.Advantage.  WeMap.

Congrats for WeMap’s 3rd anniversary~
Congratulatory messages from the Two Men!

LSJ: Hello, I’m WeMap model Lee Seojin.
LSG: Hello, I’m Lee Seunggi.

LSJ: It’s been 3 years since you fell in love with WeMap.
LSG: As WeMap will be working even harder to ensure that all of you can also exclaim ‘It’s cheap~!’ please show a lot of love.

LSG-LSJ: Shopping’s absolute advantage~ WeMap!

English: LSGfan, Video: officialwemakeprice

They’re already holding anniversary congrats…. for 3 weeks?!  LOLs.
3-years, NOT 3 weeks!  All that late night stalking Seunggi’s JapanLive! Ha.

Whew~~~!!!  The return of our Seunggi in modern classic black suit~~!!!

Dear WeMap~~ please more of this Seunggi we’re use to seeing!

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