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KB Financial Group event – 10 autographed copies of Lee Seunggi 5.5 mini-album photo essay

 photo 092413kb11.jpg

Opening of KB Story – Gift giveaway event. 9.24.13
<Lee Seunggi – FOREST – 5.5. mini-album photo essay>
A month ago, model Lee Seunggi sent gifts to commemorate the opening of KB Story…
10 copies of his 5.5 mini-album photo essay from last winter!

The photo essay covers even have Lee Seunggi’s autograph on them.  For those who may be thinking – Could it really be his signature? – the size of each signature is different.  It gives off a very analog feel?  I heard you can no longer purchase these.  I opened the book with a nervous heart.

The photo on the first page is a Polaroid.  On the next page is his hand-written note.  I felt as if I was looking through Lee Seunggi’s diary.

In most cases, most celebrity photo books are almost all just photos, but Lee Seunggi’s photo essay was different.  There are real, unadorned photos throughout and even more, it’s true that it even includes information!  Words without formality, together with the photos, I felt I was looking through a short travel essay.

His editor-like handwritten comments throughout bring even more fun.

The lyrics to his songs are included at the end of the book.

With the intro, there are 5 songs in Lee Seunggi’s 5.5 mini-album ‘Forest.’

For those who have always liked Lee Seunggi, I think this will be a very memorable album.

This KB story event will run until the end of September, and 10 persons will be randomly chosen for this gift, so those who are interested, please participate.  Leave a comment at KB story blog open event.

Winners will be revealed on October 2.  10 lucky persons receive the 5.5 mini-album photo essay (woot woot!).  And 200 win a Starbucks iced Americano gift card.  Ha, such a big difference between the 10 and 200~~  Nice way to commemorate the opening of KB story AND one-year since 5.5 mini-album released.

English: LSGfan via KBstory

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