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Seunggi with Ferragamo portfolio at Incheon Airport

(video: sh Reine)

July 5, 2013.  Incheon Airport, Korea, enroute to Hawaii.  The concept behind a cartoon rodent ruining a perfectly fine white shirt… really, Cody?!  But love the sophisticated, stylish orange portfolio! –> Salvatore Ferragamo Revival Large Portfolio, Orange-Red, Neiman Marcus.  $520 for a Ferragamo is pretty cheap. (guys fashion always SO much cheaper!)  Love how he’s carrying the portfolio!  The accessory and Seunggi’s smile saved the day… as usual!!!  Really love this fancam!!!


[Fancam] hehe. He entered the wrong way at first?!?!

(video: …ing)

[Fancam] love this. But why is no one(!) hitting Cody over the head?!?!

(video: AirenVideo)

Seunggi’s totally showing off his Ferragamo portfolio!  Love it!  hehe.  The bright orange-red color is such a great contrast against the black and white.

I still don’t get this airport fashion ensemble choice…??!?!?!! *shakes fist at Cody*

But at least it kinda defines his svelte figure~~~!!!!!

Hehe.  Why Seunggi’s expressions always SO awesome???!?!!!

Seunggi:  Hyung, are you seriously carrying that girly man-purse?!
Omg, I’m just SOOOO glad Seunggi is NOT carrying Seojin’s style of bag!

F*** statement shirts when he travels abroad??  Like the “F*** this life” shirt during the London trip last year.  Maybe he feels liberated when traveling?  I do!  I love summers!

We miss our guy~~!!!!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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  1. thank you so much for all of your hardwork. i really appreciate this website. keep loving seunggi. -airen

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