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Good perm Lee Seunggi can be so super easy…

Dear Seunggi~~~  please tell me the recent perm you got during your family trip to Japan is not as bad as the fan reaction…. (especially considering that most Seunggi fans think any hair style he sports or fashion he wears is “so cute!”)  huhuhu.  See that above photo?  That’s what a good perm looks like.  You look hot!  It’s not hard.

Dear Seunggi~~~  please tell me the front view of your recent perm isn’t anything like the description of the photo that the fan eventually removed?!?!?!

Dear Seunggi~~~ I will never understand your out-of-touch company’s obsession with ajumma perms and ajusshi styling….  or Captain Hook and her crew not doing their job and advising you otherwise *sigh*

I just really pray Seunggi gets awesome hair/fashion counsel for Gu Family Book.  Wahhh~~ why does something so easy styling Seunggi ALWAYS have to be like this?!  Let me take him to my hairstylist, someone who understands what’s HOT and NOT!

Even Seunggi feels frustrated by all the perms~~~~!!!!

Good perm Seunggi~~~~~!!!!!


Why did Seunggi wear a hat on his way to Japan…..

Smartly and fashionably accessorizing with cap to cover up his long hair….

And actually walking with some star swagger (for once in his freaking life!)~~

Yet, return back to Korea without hat…..

with his brand new perm on full display…….

(If it’s as bad as I’ve read, please let the perm NOT be Kang Chi hair)

Seunggi hair/fashion issues (or regular out-of-touch Hook-ness)  →

→  very frustrated and sad LSGfan…….. :(

Heritory fan sign next week… hope happy LSGfan can return :)

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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13 Responses

  1. ‘ajumma perms and ajusshi styling’ —>>> lol

  2. its quite sad to read a bad remarks abt seungi eventho from his fan..poor seungi dear…let he do what ever he wants, maybe he tired to be so cautious presenting himself all the time. For me, who will always look for him every day, sometime a few times a day looking for his news and if i saw his photos is so cute and nice, i will look at it, like hundred time but if so messy, i just glance tru….for goodness sake, he is only a human being, who sometime just want to do what he ever wants or he is too busy to do things as he wants…..hate all the bad comment….fyi i been waiting the update from this blog since a week and finally.. the article is so upsetting :( and sometimes i wonder did he knows what the fans really thing abt him..

    • I don’t understand.. must fans only have good things to say about their favourite artist? I started liking Seunggi through Brilliant Legacy which clearly not because of his look and I’m sure almost all his fans love him not because of his look too but that doesn’t mean I won’t bother about it.

      Seunggi is a celebrity to start with, his image will be judged along with his performance. It’s better that he hear the opinions from his fans now than when he already sport the hair during the drama and hear what the general public have say about it. I tell you, it will be much worst. I hope after seeing the fans reaction now, he will get a better hair for the drama. But there’s possibility that he will stick with it as Seunggi seems to not care what people say about his image and style as we can see, he keeps doing it even after fans complain about it. I guess he know, fans still love him regardless.

      Another thing though, I don’t remember fans being this sensitive/protective in the past. I always express things as it is, but now I’m getting thumb down simply because my comment is negative.

      • the things is the comment abt his hair is too much lately, not just from tis site.., to be honest tis is my fav blog abt him, i’m just being too “hard core” fan :) plz dont be offended, will still be ur fan too.

      • Seunggi has his own style love it or hate it and fans really have no right to try to change that, but he’s never let it interfere with his acting work. So while I can understand not liking the perm, he’s not going to do something that would ruin the character in the drama. Like Jae Ha did not have a perm and long hair that Seunggi likes…. so I’m 100% sure Kang Chi will have appropriate hair for his character. You really don’t have to push back and try to fix something you know nothing about.

        > I guess he know, fans still love him regardless.

        Yes, I think I’ll love him even if he has a bad perm…. what a silly reason to dislike someone.

        And loll…. you get thumbed down because you only seem to pop up to say something negative or shady. Try being around and saying nice things more often and people might not be so quick to thumbs down.

      • @wanne
        LSGfan gives you thumbs up!!!
        :) :) :) :)

      • @melissa

        When fans complained about anything, did we force him to change? We just simply expressed our opinion. We think it’s bad so we say it’s bad. And like I mentioned Seunggi is a celebrity. Whether he like it or not, his image and look will be judged.

        I’m not an active commentator around but I believe I’ve posted my fair share of positive comments. I guess you only notice my negative ones. Anyway, I post comment to express my thoughts and feeling, not to please people. So it’s fine how ever people want to judge it. .


        lol, thanks. It’s good to know that I’m not alone ^^

  3. according to tryp96, there’s one fan girl who is stunned with good-looking seung gi at the airport till she forget to take any pictures. so i guess he has a nice perm :) i have never see him in person, but fans and airens always said that he is way better when see in person regardless what he wears. so, i guess his style is not that bad (to some extend and occasion ^^)

  4. now im too curious to see that new perm on you Seunggiah! let me have a look at it.. AS in RIGHT NOW! kekeke
    As a fan i think most of us never became a fan of Seunggi because of His flower boy image but because we simply loved Him the way He is.. but it doesn’t also mean that I’ll stay mum or could care less when it comes to his fashion sense. I beleive that since im his fan i will be concerned to whatever He does right? and i think that’s including his fashion sense..Its my prerogative to express my thoughts and opinion on how good or bad it is to Him. I would not dare to lie and say that it looks good to him though the truth it’s NOT! yet at the same time i will not dare to use hurtful words to express my dissapointment. I would try as possibly as I can to say it in a nice way to express my thoughts. I beleived critisims is one way to improved oneself as long as you know how to handle and managed to overcome it. That’s my 2 cent POV. Anyhow, i hope that what Seunggi look like in his new perm hair isn’t as bad as it is..with all these topics going arround about his new perm hair, I cannot simply gave up this guy and i couldn’t love him less >.<

  5. I think the perm looks fine, but its just that awful middle part that cody has put on him that offsets the whole thing..

  6. @wanne

    Yes truthfully I’ve only noticed your negative ones recently. That’s probably not fair… Sorry, maybe you are more positive normally. I’ve gotten down-votes for the silliest things too so I usually watch what I say there since they are slightly more sensitive.

    My point is that I don’t actually like his perm or badly fitted pants and most of his clothes, but I don’t really think he looks terrible by any means. Just doesn’t look as good as he could look (which is frustrating at times since he’s such a huge star….). But I do think he’ll be properly styled in the drama anyway. He was in every other drama he has been in.

  7. As I read, his current hair style is appropiate for Kang Chi´s character. Seung gi can not decide about Kang Chi style, he himself expressed that he could not wear his hair with the style that he wants…

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