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[ENG] Girlsday Yura shows love for Lee Jungjin, but Lee Seunggi is still ideal type

Cute Girlsday Yura has impeccable taste.  Like Rainbow’s Jaekyung and model Hye Park.  Plus, she’s sweet for showing lots of love for Lee Jungjin.  Nice when Girlsday showed major respect for Seunggi on the music shows.  Ideal types change all the time, so who knows… but sweet that these girls have been consistent over the years.  Wonder who Seunggi’s ideal type is these days~~~??!!?!  He tends to change often!

July 23, 2013. TVN – Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside
[Cut] Lee Jungjin interview with Girlsday Yura video message
English: LSGfan, Video: CJENMMEDIA

Reporter: People have said Lee Jungjin changes his ideal type so often?! Who’s the ideal type you mentioned most recently?
LJJ: Recently? An idol. But I’m just a fan of that person, from afar… Yura.

Yura: Sunbaenim, hello, I’m Girlsday Yura. At first, when I heard that, I thought… “Really?” What should I say, like I couldn’t believe it. But, after seeing the capture of that, I felt shy. After seeing you act, I really thought, he’s really manly, like in the kiss scene! That was cool.

Since my debut, continuously through now, my role model and ideal type has been… Sorry… but for me… Lee Seunggi sunbaenim. (cue LSG’s song, Will you Marry Me? hehe)

But sunbaenim, ideal type is simply ideal type only. Really, I’m enjoying watching you act, and I’m really a fan! Hwaiting~~!! Lee Jungjin sunbaenim, jjang! jjang jjang!  (omg, she is so giggly. even more than me, when I get super excited about stuffs!)

Reporter: This person is really lively, and full of energy. But she says Lee Seunggi is her ideal type.
LJJ: Yes. (puahahaha, so matter-of-fact!) But like she said, ideal type is simply ideal type only.
Reporter: Did you know that?
LJJ: I’ve never met her in person.
Reporter: So what do you think, seeing her?
LJJ: She’s pretty. (omg the older guys/ajusshis love idol girlgroups!)

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