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[ENG] SNL Korea – Tweet Stop: Celebrities with no Antis, Yoo Jaesuk, Lee Seunggi share this in common…

* Updated with ENG-subbed video*

(video: Michelle J)~ Click CC for ENG subs in video.

SNL Korea Digital Short – Tweet Stop [2013.07.13]
English: LSGfan, Video:  JBum0925

Ki Sung Yung parody: When I think about it now, I don’t know why I tweeted those comments on SNS. I shouldn’t have gotten into SNS.  Not just me, but everyone else, I hope such sides will no longer be revealed.

Jay:  Premier soccer league coach wisely stated that SNS is a waste to one’s life.  And how do I know this? (cut to Jay’s middle finger photo tweet!)  That was long ago!  Stopping SNS all of a sudden is not easy. That’s why we developed this celebrity SNS accident prevention service for you~ Tweet Stop!  Place the patch on your neck, and as you compose your tweets, our swat team will monitor your words.  If we spot controversial words, our swat team will follow the GPS on your patch and arrive at your place. These kind of people really need Tweet Stop…

1) The type that tweets nonsense.
(Guy tweets some nonsense, trying super hard to be all deep!)
Jay: Tweet Stop will put a stop to your annoying words.
Guy: Thank you always Tweet Stop.

Jay: Cute image Kim Seulgi is using SNS to transform her image.
(tweets photo with book, trying to say something all philosophical!)
Jay: These are the type of nonsense tweets that garner hate from others.

Seulgi: Actually, I haven’t read this book. Since everyone was carrying it on the subway, I was pretending as if I was reading it, but I ended up becoming a total dummy.  Thank you, Tweet Stop!

2) The type that tweets every movement.
Jay: Barely having woken up, tweeting cute photos of yourself like Suh Yuri.  We will help you to stop tweeting those!

3) The type that tweets when drunk.
Jay: You, who wants to tweet every time you drink.
(cut to Yoo Sae Yoon’s recent drunk tweet which got him in lots of trouble!)
Jay: Now you can drink comfortably! 

There’s a person who’s life was changed after using Tweet Stop…

puahahaha.  SO hilarious!!!

Twitter is great, but all the self-absorbed tweets and selcas can be SO freaking annoying.  I love how this totally calls out celebs who regularly tweet annoying cutesy photos, unnecessary opinion nonsense tweets, tweets and photos documenting their every move, and drunk tweets!

When twitter controversy arises, K-netizens always mention Seunggi, respecting him for being one of few celebs that’s not on twitter!  But maybe he’ll join in the future, just to tweet like once a month?!

Captain Hook is supposed to represent and do PR for Seunggi, but too bad she has no clue how to connect with fans on social media or twitter!!  Hook should pay a fan to run that twitter!!!

Would LOVE a Seunggi cameo on SNL Korea~~!!!  But highly doubt he’d do it?!?!

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