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Seunggi and Samsonite are chic and sexy for Esquire

Lee Seunggi’s Esquire photoshoot in Hawaii revealed
July 22, 2013
English: LSGfan via Samsonite blog: PR Coverage

Finally, Lee Seunggi’s revealing Esquire photoshoot is revealed here at Samsonite!!!  Recently, after wrapping MBC drama “Gu Family Book,” Lee Seunggi, having departed to Hawaii for a photoshoot for fashion magazine, Esquire, transformed perfectly into a chic guy together with Samsonite.
So, shall we take a look together~?

Shedding his innocent and clean-cut image we’ve become accustomed to seeing on tv, you can check out Lee Seunggi’s transformation into a sexy and chic guy in this month’s Esquire photoshoot. Lee Seunggi’s suit look was well-matched with the sophisticated body-lined Samonsite Pilot carrier. It was an item that emphasized Lee Seunggi’s manliness even more!

In the second photo, the Samsonite Inova carrier was used with the Trump Hotel in the background. Han Go Eun garnered a lot of buzz for chic airport fashion when she was photographed with the black Inova carrier. Clean-cut and simple, while luxurious, it is one of the carriers favored by celebrities.

For this Hawaii photoshoot, representatives affiliated with the filming couldn’t stop singing the praises for Lee Seunggi because he was said to have personally monitored each and every cut during the shoot, carefully checking his expressions and poses, taking direct initiative in the shoot.

As expected, sounds just like Lee Seunggi, right~?

The Lee Seunggi Hawaii fashion photoshoot can be seen in the August issue of Esquire, and one more thing!!!! 

The behind the scenes photoshoot cut is scheduled to be revealed soon, and only here at the official Samsonite blog… so if you’re curious about Lee Seunggi’s awesome photoshoot, join us here!

Oooohhhh~~~  Can’t wait to see the behind cut!  We’ve missed seeing Seunggi~~~

Everyone can’t help but to say~~ “JUST like Lee Seunggi!”

I think this will become my second fave photoshoot, after the NYC Elle magazine one!  I always love the start of fall fashion magazine spreads~~!!!

Check out these photos of Seunggi in larger set at Samsonite blog: PR Coverage.

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2 Responses

  1. Hot! :P

  2. he does look totally sexy in those pictures, my biggest regret is that he didn’t get to show off the skin I hoped for in hawaii

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