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Seunggi and veteran actor/actress, drama parental figures

A DCLSG fan posted these caps a while back – Seunggi’s parental figures from his dramas.  Impressive list of beloved, top veteran actors/actresses.  Made me think of this in light of Kangchi scenes with Gu Family Book’s Lord Park, and more recently Lee Soon Shin, played by Yoo Dong Geun (57).  Can’t wait for more of them!

(2012) The King 2 Hearts – Lee Jaeha and father figure Secretary Eun, played by Lee Soon Jae (78).  Love he’s become a mentor to Seunggi in real life.  Still can’t imagine him in Na PD’s new variety show…. Seunggi cameo would be AWEsome!

(2012) The King 2 Hearts – Lee Jaeha (Your Majesty, Jeonha) and Queen Mother, played by Yoon Yeo Jung (65).  Still get teary thinking about their tender scenes.

(2010) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – Cha Daewoong (Woong-ah) and his grandfather, played by Byun Hee Bong (71).  I loved them together.  Plus, Hoi Couple is probably my fave Seunggi drama couple so far!  Seunggi-Mina reunion please!

(2009) Brilliant Legacy – Sun Woohwan (Hwan) and  his grandmother, played by Ban Hyo Jung (71).  Would love to see a reunion with this grandma in another drama!  Since I discovered Seunggi through Brilliant Legacy, his actor side will forever be my bias.  Ah~~~ I still miss and dream of hot messy Hwan hair!  (But, his real persona through 1N2D and other activities made me a fangirl forever!)

(2006) Famous Princesses – Hwang Taeja (Taengja’s dad) and his mother, played by Yoon Mi Ra.  Before I knew Seunggi…   My parents and grandparents were totally into this drama and I even watched some eps with them, but don’t remember Seunggi!  hehe.  It was fun to watch this after the fact… Mama-boy Taeja too cute!

Images: As labeled/DCLSG

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3 Responses

  1. Hoping/wishing for reunions~~~

  2. Miho could not get enough of him, lol always hanging on him I think thats part of why they are my favorite couple. they were too cute together.

  3. Thanks for bringing back the memories! Seunggi so awesome, great chemistry with actors of all ages. How can he do that? Adored his relationships with grandma in BL, grandpa in MGIG. Amazed that the relationship with Lee Seon Jae went beyond the TV screen. Queen mother was all praises for his real life character. How can one really not love Seunggi?!

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