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‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and ‘Nation’s Porter’ Lee Seojin take on Noir – WeMakePrice CF behind the scenes

[Exclusive] ‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and ‘Nation’s Porter’ Lee Seojin
take on Noir. 
Hilarious ‘Enter the Dragon’
October 17, 2013

English: LSGfan via Hankooki

The comical transformation of ‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and ‘Art School Hyung’ Lee Seojin are making fans laugh out loud.  Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin are gathering a lot of buzz for their hilarious noir acting in their recent commercial for social commerce brand, WeMakePrice (WeMap). 

The commercial spot, in which the two participated, has gathered more than 1.8 million hits on Youtube (currently, over 2 million hits).  The commercial has also been at the #1 spot for two consecutive weeks on the nation’s top commercial portal site for the first and second weeks of October.  We reveal behind the scenes from the unabashed, comical commercial from ‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and TVN’s ‘Grandpas over Flowers’ porter Lee Seojin…

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WeMap / WeMakePrice CF – Lee Seunggi & Lee Seojin show off kungfu skills [GIFs]

[2013.9.30] Seunggi’s first CF for WeMap (WeMakePrice):
“The Absolute Advantage WeMap – Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin’s kungfu match.”
With special cameo by beloved actor Byun Hee Bong (Cha Daewoong’s grandfather from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho).  I really like Seojin, but I SO wish they would’ve cast Shin Minah as Miho to be in this CF!!!  Hoi Hoi~~!!  The GIFs that keep giving…..

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Seunggi and veteran actor/actress, drama parental figures

A DCLSG fan posted these caps a while back – Seunggi’s parental figures from his dramas.  Impressive list of beloved, top veteran actors/actresses.  Made me think of this in light of Kangchi scenes with Gu Family Book’s Lord Park, and more recently Lee Soon Shin, played by Yoo Dong Geun (57).  Can’t wait for more of them!

(2012) The King 2 Hearts – Lee Jaeha and father figure Secretary Eun, played by Lee Soon Jae (78).  Love he’s become a mentor to Seunggi in real life.  Still can’t imagine him in Na PD’s new variety show…. Seunggi cameo would be AWEsome!

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God of Study’s Byun Hee Bong as SeungGi’s grandfather

*** UPDATE – Byun Hee Bong was the grandfather in Hong Sisters’ My Girl ***

Looks like early casting rumors are true again.  Per earlier post about Byun Hee Bong rumored to be joining My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, his casting was confirmed today.  Last seen as the math teacher in the popular KBS drama God of Study, Byun Hee Bong will play Seung Gi’s character, Cha Dae Woong’s grandfather.  BHB was also in highly popular KBS Sorak Sons prior to that and is referred to as having the “midas touch” in the drama world and has received a lot of love calls…


Chuno’s Sung Dong Il as LSG’s action school teacher

(fanart: DClsg)

This casting news came out a few days ago…  43 year old actor Sung Dong Il (last seen in KBS Chuno) will play the role of SeungGi’s teacher/director at the action school.  Sung Dong Il had already been rumored to be joining the drama before the press release and per the fanart promo poster, there’s also been rumors that Byun Hee Bong (last seen as the math teacher in KBS God of Study) may also be cast; although not confirmed.  About Sung Dong Il…