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Gu Family Book: Sweet Kangchi v. Angry Kangchi [Fanvid]

(video: haesong225)

So many things to love and root for in our hero, Kangchi~~~~~  What I love most is his loyalty and love for the sheer goodness that can be found in people, especially the members of the beloved Park Family – Lord Park, Chungjo, Taeso; his “father,” Lord Park’s right-hand man; the 100 Years Inn people; the hard-working townspeople; and of course, the faithful Dam Yeowool…

But aside from Kangchi’s sweetness and pure heart, I love Angry Kangchi whenever he  confronts evil Jo Gwanwoong!  The character is really hateful, but Lee Sung Jae is killing it in this villain role!  And I love that Seunggi gets good interaction moments with him!

Can’t wait to see more of Kangchi and the amazing Lee Soon Shin(!), who makes Lord Park’s death a little less painful.

So happy Seunggi’s working with another top veteran actor, Yoo Dong Geun!  Whoa, he was scary in “East of Eden” drama!  His presence alone commands respect, and for Seunggi to have to talk in “ban-mal” must have been unsettling!  Ha, but after his role as Lee Jaeha in TK2H, having to do this with veteran actors/actresses is probably less scary?!

Images:  As labeled, DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. I love the uber cute, charming, handsome n righteous Choi Kang Chi!!!

  2. I love Yoo Dong Geun. He is really the presence impersonate! So calm and solid, yet exuding great charisma. Super adore the scenes where he and Seung Gi appear together. Seung Gi can pick up so many things from him, like, his resonant powerful voice for one!

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