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Gu Family Book: Seunggi’s forehead kiss for Lee Yubi [Stills]

Kangchi and Chungjo scenes have been so heart-wrenching and touching.  They’ve already shared four tender kiss/hug moments?!?!  We need more of this for Kangchi and Yeowool!  Lee Yubi is playing Chungjo perfectly and I love the maturity and seriousness to Kangchi when he’s acting with her.  Even in less serious scenes in the earlier episodes, it didn’t feel silly.

Let’s get more of this type of interaction between Kangchi and Yeowool.  Writer Kang seems to have chosen a more immature and comical tone for Kangchi-Yeowool, even when they’re in serious scenes.  And I hope we get less of that soon enough.

I thought the Kangchi-Yeowool-Gon scenes were funny and cute at first, but it’s getting old.  And no more Yeowool hitting Kanghi please!  Do we really need that?  Let’s have Yeowool revealed as a girl to Kangchi ASAP please!  We need more melo scenes between them… ones where Kangchi KNOWS she’s a girl!  Plus, Yeowool deserves that too!

While I’m totally rooting for Kangchi and Yeowool, my fave scenes of Gu Family Book have been of the poignant scenes between Kangchi and the other characters.  This should not be.  Let’s have more of straightforward Kangchi-Yeowool relationship~~~!!!

I’m still sad Seunggi (26) won’t get to do a Hangah or Miho, or even Eunsung type kiss since Suzy’s like 19?!?!  So unfair for Seunggi!!!  That’s the downside of having a way younger drama partner.  I’m holding out on a passionate kiss between Kangchi and Chungjo (since Yubi’s 23!).  Writer-nim~~~  let’s put that in!  Especially since we probably won’t even get anything close to the teasing TK2H “bedscene”!!!

Images: MBC

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4 Responses

  1. I’m just curious, Ann. You mentioned that there won’t be any serious kissing cos Suzy’s 19. How is it then that Jung Eun Ji gets really hot kissing scenes in Reply Me 1997?

    • Haven’t watched Reply Me 1997… but it was on cable, right? Cable… you can do anything! Ha.

      I’m just guessing there won’t be passionate Kangchi-Yeowool kiss scenes, unless their storyline takes on a deeper tone. As of right now, it’d be hard for me to take seriously considering the current state of their relationship! Or, at least nothing like Hangah and Miho stuffs. But I’d be happy for this not to be the case!

      • Thanks for clarifying. But why should they have one standard for cable n another for the main stations?

  2. Cable dramas take a lot more liberties on the sexual content etc.. than the regular channels.

    Suzy’s age and this particular topic was one of my many concerns with her as the lead, When they started off with such romantic and beautiful scenes with the parents I was so sad, because I knew we would not get anything like that with Seung Gi and her. KW and CJ could have that and we have been teased with it, but you are right we will not get close to it with Suzy, it bothers me too. I mentioned it elsewhere and got all sorts of stones thrown at me LOL
    After seeing SG do such a mature and awesome role with a mature and realistic loveline/scenes than returning to this type of loveline again is really a let down for me as well.

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