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Lee Seung Gi & Lee Soon Jae’s father-son pose backstage (and meet up with Ha Ji Won)

All sorts of Awwww~~!!!!  Love the way Seunggi has his hand on Teacher Soonjae’s shoulder!  And Teacher’s grin says it all!  Can’t help but to love them together!  Now we have proof that Seunggi went to see the play ‘Father’ starring Lee Soon Jae on September 8.  But at 4pm, not 8pm.  Backstage right after the 110 minute show.

Actor Lee Seung Gi, whom teacher Lee Soon Jae acted with recently in a drama, came to watch the play ‘Father.’  They look like an affectionate father and son pair.^^   (English: LSGfan via twitter@MyDad2012)

Omg, Teacher Soon Jae is everyone’s grandpa!  My dad likes and admires him lots, sitting me down to tell me why Teacher Soon Jae is awesome and the tops in Korea, of course not forgetting to emphasize his Seoul National University pedigree!  Ha.

Now makes sense why original official tweet that Seunggi and Jiwon would be at the September 8, 8pm showing was later deleted.  Only a tweet responding yes that both would be there on that day remained.  Too bad for the fans who went expecting to spot Seunggi.  At least they got a great night of live theatre!

So, K-fans said only Seunggi (and managernim) went to the 4pm performance.  TK2H fans saw Jiwon, Director Lee Jae Kyu, Comrade Lee Kang Suk at the 8pm show.

I was so hoping to see this awesome foursome reunion again.  huhu.  Next time.

Image:  Twitter

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  1. Is Seung Gi wearing glasses on the 1st pic?

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