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Epitone Project “working with Seunggi on his album felt like a mom’s heart of the top student in school”

[Excerpts] Hankyung interview with Epitone Project
English: LSGfan

“Singing on stage…  I’m still very shy about that”

We did this interview on the day Epitone Project and actress Shin Se Kyung’s Christmas carol duet, “Sweet Christmas,” was released.  This song came from Epitone Project and close friend singer-song writer Herz Analog, and Shin lent her pure vocals.  ‘Sweet Christmas’ is a bright and warm carol song that combines Shin Se Kyung’s clear and pure voice with the vocals of Epitone Project’s sense of contentment.  When I tell him I enjoyed the song and that it has a warm vibe to it, he was incredibly shy about it.

“I’m still shy about it as it’s still not real to me, that I sing songs.  It’s very hard on the director when I participate as a vocalist.  I can hear them sighing aloud outside… (laughter)  I don’t have experience as a vocalist. If previous composers and directors heard that… Shin Seung Hoon once said to me, you shouldn’t sing. (laughter)  Despite that, I’m very thankful that there are people who like this kind of voice.”

Working with Lee Seunggi, felt like a mom’s heart of the top student in school? Really hard and the burden was big… I learned a lot

Around this time we couldn’t help but to talk about working with ‘Prince-dol’ Lee Seunggi. Epitone Project composed and wrote the songs on Lee Seunggi’s 5.5 album ‘Forest’  that was released on November 22, but the fact that he was in charge of producing brought about great interest (Seunggi was the writer for the song, ‘Words that say I love you’).

And that interest immediately shot up the music charts.  As soon as the title song ‘Return’ was released, it took the #1 spot on the main music charts and has continued at #1 into December.  And it wasn’t only ‘Return,’ but ‘Words that I love you,’ ‘Forest,’ and the other songs also ranked high, getting a great response.

“Wow, it feels really great, of course.  As it was really hard and the burden was big in working on Seunggi’s album.  And he was a singer that had already put out 5 albums.  How would you describe it, felt like the mom’s heart of the top student in school?  Since he has reached the top in various areas, that tacit burdened feeling that the album has to do just as well.”

Thus, working with Lee Seunggi was a challenge at a new level.  Around that time, much of his energy had been drained in completing his 2nd album, and he was thinking that he may need to recharge somehow.

“Sekyung was like that too, but the first time I met Seunggi, there was a halo shining around him when he entered my studio.  His face was so small yet his eyes, nose, mouth, ears all fit within… (laughter) I thought to myself and realized, ‘not just anyone can be a celebrity entertainer.'”

While there was great burden and hardship in working with Lee Seunggi, at the same time, he got to experience many things he hadn’t until now.

“Seunggi is very passionate.  He’s the type that just can’t sit around.  For example, typically, he would send an email and hum the melody by phone and continue on to ask ‘what do you think of this type of music.’  Seunggi guided a lot of aspects of this album.  After we’d talk on the phone, he’d say ‘I’ll come by right now’ even though my studio was quite far from him, and then we’d talk and he’d leave.” 

“We talked a lot about the theme and concept, and sensing his passion, it made me work hard too.  I came to study a lot while working on this.  I often thought I may be too confined, and I really learned a lot this time.  And I want to work with varied artists again on fun projects in the future.”

Upcoming concert

“A concert is a unique activity for me.  I get very sensitive when concert time comes around.  For this concert, I thought about and stressed over various things in advance, but since i don’t have many experiences on stage, I’m still shy on stage.  But the audience has paid a not so small price to come see me.  I feel that I have to do everything i can during those 2 to 2.5 hours.  I get worried since my condition is like that and all, but concerts are really important since it’s the chance to communicate with the audience up close.  Although there are many disappointments when it’s over…”

Epitone Project’s special concert will be held on December 7-9 at the Seoul Hannamdong Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.  The concert will be even more brighter with special guest appearances from Lee Seunggi, Baek Ahyun, Kim Wansun, Ryoo Shia, all of whom are musically associated with Epitone Project.

Aw, so glad he first approached Epitone Project to work together.  The way he talks about Seunggi is a mix of fanboy and hyung!  And mother-like!  Everyone always wants only the best for Seunggi~~~

Will he guest all 3 days or just 1 day?!  The Samsung Card Hall is 1,400 seating so it’s an intimate concert venue.  I’m sure some Airens already bought tickets?!  And probably some for each of the 3 days?!  There aren’t anymore left.  Hope there’s no disappointment!  Hope there’s Seunggi-Epitone Project duet and talk time~~~

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12 Responses

  1. Sounds like EP was a little starstruck the first time he met SG. *giggles*

    I’m sure it’s gonna be an awesome concert!

    • I know right! EP is very self-deprecating in true ‘indie’ style. i’m dying to see what a seunggi-ep conversation and interaction goes like~~ hehe. when he described LSG emailing him, humming the melody, and then saying i’ll come by right now… I could totally imagine LSG doing that!

      hope there are some fancams. there may be a good chance he’s there for all 3 days?!


  2. Dear LSGfan, can I translate this interview into Chinese for Chinese Airen? It will be properly credited. Thank you~ : )

  3. I think…
    Everyone who work together with Seung Gi can feel his passion, and fall into fanboy himself :)
    This gonna be awesome concert uhuuuiiii

  4. Tks Ann for the translation. I always wait for your translations!
    Love the bit where he says that Seunggi’s face is so small, but eyes, nose, mouth, ears all fit it! Haha! So true, so true! He has a small face, but he has big eyes and a big nose and a not so small mouth. Yet it all fits in so nicely!!!

    • haha, love his description of Seung gi too, wonder why Koreans care about small face so much?

      • But..but..
        When you see him, you can’t help but muttering: how small his face is, and wondering: how can his eyes, his nose and his lips fit that small space?

        LOL, I’m not korean, but that’s what crossed my minds, and oh: how long his leg is..kkk

    • the way EP describe LSG’s face plus your comment, make me really wanna see him~ can’t imagine how small is the small face he has, looks fine in any pictures but definitely eager to see him right before my eyes someday :)

  5. Aw, love how EP hyung talked about SG in such a sweet, sincere & proud manner. I’m glad SG worked with a talented person like EP, he can learn a lot from him.

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