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Guitarist Jung Sungha’s tweets about Seunggi’s concert

Aw~~  holding each other’s albums – cute!  From the recent Sketchbook recording.  Love homage tweets about Seunggi!  Seriously, these 2 cute, talented guys can pass as real brothers?!?!  Never heard of Jung Sungha until a few days ago, and now I love this uber talented 16-year old guitarist!!  More photo tweets about the concert…

ALLKPOP: Guitarist Jung Sung Ha snaps a photo with Lee Seung Gi

Sungha’s PR management is awesome… checked out her twitter and she’s doing a bang-up job promoting her star and interacting with his fans on his behalf.  Anticipating his growing success!

And photo with Ham Choonho, top veteran guitarist whom Seunggi has known and worked with since his debut.  Wow, how does Choonho ajusshi get way more cool hairstyling than Seunggi?!?!  Is it okay to call Ham Choonho (51) adorable~~??!!

A few hours before Seunggi’s concert started… So cute… hehe.

Aw, Sungha~~you were A-mazing~~!! Hope you guys get to collaborate again!

[Fancam, 2012 Hope Concert] Lee Seunggi, Ham Choonho, Jung Sungha trio

(video: feliciawst)

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3 Responses

  1. I only discovered about Sungha about a week before we learned he was gonna be in LSG’s concert, and accidentally too, through YouTube. I became an instant fan after I saw his videos and was therefore so pleasantly surprised when it was announced he’s gonna be in the concert. Such a talented kid. <3

  2. Hah I discovered Lee Seung Gi through Jung Sungha. I had him subscribed on Youtube as I am big youtubers fan and one day it appeared a guitar version of Return. Thats how my love for LSG started ^^

    • and I discovered Jung Sung Ha through the collaboration he did for SeungGi’s Hope Concert!

      Jung Sung Ha and Lee Seung Gi FIGHTING!

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